These guides provide examples for many tasks that a developer will need to be familiar with during implementation.



Returns: Overview

The Return API has several associated actions besides the initial Create, Get, and Search abilities. Returns can be deleted, processed, and reopened. The “return location information” can also be requested with an extension to the Return API, which streamlines the process of obtaining this specific address information and makes return management easier for the client. There is also a call that searches for all returnable items. Creating an return is the first step that should be taken when initiating the return process, while the other calls can be made as needed once a return exists.

Drop shippers can also obtain limited access to the Return API through the following endpoints. These endpoints do not allow access to any personal customer, billing or appeasement information but otherwise allows drop shippers to make use of these APIs.

  • Production –
  • Staging –

The following guides explain how developers can perform those tasks:

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