These guides provide examples for many tasks that a developer will need to be familiar with during implementation.



Get Product

The details of a specific product can be retrieved with the Get Product API, and passed from the front-end provider and catalog to the Customer Care UI to be displayed as part of an order. These details include not only the expected identifiers like UPC codes and pricing information, but also the inventory data and addition group or variants that the product is related to.

Supported FormatsJSON

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman.

The Product ID is added to the endpoint to specify the product data being retrieved, as noted in the table above by {productID}.


The example case creates an API call to get a product that has the following properties:

  • Product ID VRX33151
  • Order Item is Part Number VRX33151
  • Addition item WPP34015 in group tpp5000

This guide will demonstrate how to put together each section of the request.

General Information

The product details that will be returned include:

  • Product Identifiers (ID, SKU, UPC, etc.)
  • Pricing Information
  • Availability, inventory quantity, and in stock date
  • Addition Groups
  • Variants


Note that all PerfectSync integration APIs use Basic Authorization, a Base64 encoded string of the username and password combination separated by a colon. This authorization will be included in the header for every API call, along with the following:

Header NameDescriptionData Type
Kibo-Manufacturer-IdThis contains the Kibo OMS manufacturer identifierInteger
Kibo-Catalog-IdThis contains the Kibo OMS product catalog identifierInteger
Kibo-Currency-CodeThe product catalog currency ISO codeString
Kibo-LocaleThe product catalog locale ISO codeString

The Full Request

This is the entire request that will retrieve the product of ID VRX33151.

The Full Response

The response will contain the following information:

    "productID": "VRX33151",
    "name": "18K Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Datejust Automatic",
    "partNumber": "VRX33151",
    "imageUrl": "",
    "availability": "yes",
    "totalInventoryQuantity": 1,
    "price": 3650.0,
    "currency": "USD",
    "additionGroups": [{
        "additionGroupID": "tpp5000",
        "name": "Timepiece Protection Plan ($2500 - $4999.99)",
        "additions": [{
            "additionID": "000",
            "name": "None",
            "price": 0.0
        }, {
            "additionID": "WPP34015",
            "name": "Timepiece Protection Plan",
            "price": 425.0