Change Order Shipping Address

This API allows for the edit of an order’s shipping address, as long as the order has not already been shipped.

Supported FormatsJSON

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman. An example use of the Change Shipping Address API follows below, or view the schema or the sample Postman Collection.


The example case will add a note with the following properties to an order:

  • Order ID 543210
  • Set to shipping address 77887788

As can be seen, the shipping address is a single unique string, not an object specifying each line of the address individually. The address must have been created already, so that the ID has an existing address to point to.

Required Parameters

There are only two required parameters for the Change Shipping Address action, and no optional parameters. These necessary properties are:

orderIDintegerA unique identifier for the order. The minimum value is "1".
addressIDstringA unique identifier for the address, usually an integer. The minimum length is 1.

The Full Request

This is the entire request that will edit a shipping address.

    "orderID": 543210,
    "addressID": 77887788


The returned response follows the same structure as the Get Order API, providing information about the order that was edited.

ProductOMS Dev: Change Order Shipping Address