Fulfill Shipment

The Fulfill Shipment action ID will set the initial tracking information when all items in the shipment have been shipped. This will also put the shipment in the final completePackage state.

Supported FormatsJSON

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman. An example use of the Fulfill Shipment API follows below, or view the schema or the sample Postman Collection.


The example case will fulfill a shipment with the following properties:

  • Shipment ID – 090909
  • Carrier Information – UPS, 1-2 days
  • Tracking Information – Tracking Number 0123456789

Required Parameters

Fulfilling a shipment requires:

shipmentIDintegerA unique identifier for the shipment. The minimum value is "1".
shipmentDatestringThe date the shipment was shipped. Supports date-time format.
trackingInformationarrayThe tracking information for this shipment.
sendEmailsbooleanShould emails be sent? The default is "true".

Optional Parameters

There is only one optional property:

externalShipmentIDstringAn externally defined shipment reference identifier. The minimum length is 1 and the maximum length is 10.

Tracking Information

The tracking information (/trackingInformation/[object]) for a shipment includes the following parameters, but only requires trackingNumber.

trackingNumberstringThe shipment’s tracking number. The maximum length is 50.
deliveryTypestringThe shipment’s shipping method.
carrierTypeenumThe carrier (USPS, FedEx, etc.) delivering the shipment. See the schema for a full list of possible values.
carrierTypeOtherstringThe carrier’s name if it is not one of Kibo’s listed carriers. The maximum length is 20.
transitTimestringThe time the shipment is expected to be in transit. The maximum length is 50.
trackingURLstringThe URL to track the shipment. The maximum length is 400.

The Full Request

This is the entire request that will fulfill a shipment.

    "shipmentID": 090909, 
    "trackingInformation": [ 
        "trackingNumber": 0123456789, 
        "carrierType": "UPS", 
        "transitTime": "1-2 Days"
    "shipmentDate": "2017-09-08T17:09:03+00:00"

The returned response follows the same structure as the Get Shipment API, providing information about the shipment that was fulfilled.

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