Cancel Order

The Cancel Order API allows for an existing order case to be deleted. It is a very simple call that only requires a valid Order ID and Disposition Reason. Note that this API cancels the entire order. Use the Assign Order API and its appropriate item assignment configuration to cancel only part of the order.

Supported FormatsJSON

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman. An example use of the Order API follows below, or view the schema or the sample Postman Collection.


The example case creates a cancel request with the following information:

  • Order ID – 1010101
  • Disposition Reason – Customer changed mind

Required Parameters

Canceling an order is simple, as it has two required parameters and only one optional.

orderIDintegerA unique identifier for the order. The minimum value is "1".
dispositionReasonenumThe reason for the cancellation (customer_changed_mind, created_by_mistake, etc.). See the schema for the full list of possible values.

Optional Parameters

This optional parameter is only used to provide an additional explanation when the Disposition Reason was set to “other”.

dispositionOtherReasonstringIf dispositionReason is ’other’, provide an explanation here. Minimum length is 1 and maximum length is 255.

The Full Request

This is the entire request that will cancel the example order. Note how the disposition reason is defined.

 "orderID": 1010101,
 "dispositionReason": "other",
 "dispositionOtherReason": "Customer changed mind"

The returned response follows the same structure as the Get Order API, providing information about the order that was canceled.

ProductOMS Dev: Cancel Order