These guides provide examples for many tasks that a developer will need to be familiar with during implementation.



Fulfillment Overview

There are a number of APIs and request to support the fulfillment process of an order, including a way to preview the candidate locations that a shipment may be routed to. Note that a Shipment ID is automatically created upon order creation if the order gets assigned to a location, and can be found in the response (or by doing a search for shipments connected to the Order ID). A Shipment ID won’t be generated for an order that is in backorder or “Waiting For Manufacturer Acceptance” status after being created.  Once the order is ready, provide the Shipment ID to move forward with the fulfillment process.

These guides detail how to create requests for each stage of that process. Note that there are not unique APIs to reassign, backorder, or reject select items. Use the Assign Shipment/Order APIs for those actions when applicable.

The Accept Order API is also available, but it is a legacy action that should only be used by select clients.

Each includes information about the call, a sample request and response, and quick links to the relevant schemas and Postman collections. Choose a guide from the links above or the navigation menu to find out more.