Get Appeasement Information

The Get Appeasement API retrieves information about an appeasement. The request requires for the appeasement to be in existence, so the Create Appeasement API must have been called first.

Supported FormatsJSON

The .json address above can be used to access the schema within Postman. An example use of the Order Appeasement API follows below, or view the schema or the sample Postman collection.


The Get Appeasement API call requires only one additional piece of data: the Appeasement ID that was generated when the order was placed with the Create Appeasement API. Otherwise, it is a standard GET call as defined with the above table. In this example, the appeasement included these particular properties:

  • $1 refund
  • Payee – Manufacturer
  • Reason – Lack of inventory

General Information

The response only returns one block of general information about the appeasement, not a deep dive into the order. Besides the three key properties mentioned above, the other elements include:

  • Order ID
  • External Order ID
  • Credit Creation Timestamp
  • Manufacturer ID
  • Catalog ID

The Full Response

This is the full response returned by the API.

 "orderAppeasementID": 00000,
 "orderID": 1234567,
 "externalOrderID": "Order_XX_111_222333444",
 "creditPayee": "MANUFACTURER",
 "creditAmount": 1,
 "creditDescription": "No Inventory",
 "creditCreationTimestamp": "2017-08-24T22:40:42+00:00",
 "manufacturerID": 55555,
 "catalogID": 0

ProductOMS Dev: Get Appeasement Information