These guides provide examples for many tasks that a developer will need to be familiar with during implementation.



Add to Cart: Overview

Kibo can be used to implement Add to Cart buttons on web pages, provide a Quick Cart view, and display a shopping cart. This system is legacy functionality and may not be used by all clients, but these guides are provided for those who do have Add to Cart integrated through OMS.

The shopping cart page can be a standard cart, a stylized version of a cart, or a cart designed to coordinate with the client website. The REST API makes it possible for experienced developers to add Kibo checkout to brand websites. For those who do not have REST development expertise, there are other ways to implement Kibo Add to Cart solutions. XML comes with limitations on how much the page can be styled, while JavaScript is a more flexible approach and often combined with JSON for additional control. JavaScript and JSON are suggested for most clients.

The following guides explain how developers can perform those tasks:

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