Fast-Track Your Fulfillment Optimization Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy Post-COVID

Stand up customer centric fulfillment programs like BOPIS, curbside pickup, or Ship from Store (SFS) in less than 90 days or use Kibo’s microservices OMS architecture to supplement existing legacy or homegrown systems for quicker time to market.

Personalization-powered results Kibo helps brands optimize across all channels.

% Lift In Revenue

Using Kibo’s inventory service, one mass merchant retailer was able to expose all available to promise inventory across their entire enterprise to the front-end of their website for customers to purchase resulting in a 40% lift in revenue for the year versus their original forecasting of 15% without inventory exposure.
X Average Order Value Lift

Another Kibo retailer layered recommendations to their checkout flow to show in-stock inventory “also available for curbside pickup at your location” and saw their AOV for curbside pickups almost triple in one week.
% Of Revenue Rescued

One retailer who is accustomed to fulfilling orders from store inventory only through BOPIS was forced to close all stores due to COVID. They were however able to keep a fourth of their dark stores working as mini DCs resulting in about 20% of normal revenue versus shutting down operations completely.

Get Visibility Into Your Inventory In Less Than 30 days

In an environment where products rapidly go out of stock, product availability by itself can become a major differentiator for any retailer in terms of providing a seamless customer experience.

The ability to quickly balance inventory levels across the enterprise is critically important for serving omnichannel customers. Providing full visibility of available inventory to staff in stores and in call centers is essential for an excellent customer experience and upsell opportunities.

Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy Post-COVID

Never Lose Control Of Your Fulfillment Strategy With Flexible Order Management

With Kibo Order Management software, you can streamline store and fulfillment operations and equip store associates, fulfillment partners, and customer service teams with easy-to-use tools to assist customers across channels, and access cross-channel inventory, order and customer data in real time.

Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy Post-COVID

Resource Meeting Consumer Needs at Speed Requires Flexible Technology

If you are a retailer or manufacturer, you need the right technology and the right partnerships to respond to customer needs quickly.

Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy Post-COVID

Resource Positioning Retailers for Success in the Face of Uncertainty and Change

In our prescriptive Retail Preparedness Guide, you’ll discover eight tactics that can help you transform into an efficient and agile business that’s adequately prepared for whatever an unpredictable world throws at you.

Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy Post-COVID

Resource ERP Systems Are Not the Best Choice for Omni-Channel Fulfillment Post-COVID

Why adopting a dedicated Order Management System is a much better strategy than attempting to leverage ERP systems to manage orders and inventory availability.


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