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Mobile Point of Commerce

July 31, 2017 — Service Update

The newest version of the “Kibo mPOC” app is available for download in the App Store.  For iPads only.


  • Deactivate Stores: Stores can now be marked inactive via the Store Edit page. On the web interface, inactive stores will still be visible but will be denoted by “Inactive” tags and the “Select” button will be disabled. Within the mobile app, only active stores will be available for assignment.
  • Return Policy: Store managers can now add a return policy under Settings, which can be store-specific. This policy can be sent to shoppers as part of their confirmation emails, and store associates can view it on the app before processing an order to share information with shoppers if needed.
  • Inventory Run Rate: Analytics now includes a new report for inventory management, called Inventory Run Rate. This report allows you to quickly view whether items are at risk of going out of stock by denoting the statuses Safe, Order Soon, or Warning. This report can be filtered by Product Status, Sales Date, or Store.
  • Store Credit: Store credit can now be used as a payment method when checking out or refunding an order. If the customer is anonymous or has $0 in their store credit balance, then this payment method will not be available for checkout. It will also be unavailable for refunds if the customer’s account uses different currency than the store, or if the order was originally paid for with a split payment of which store credit was not one of the payment methods. Please contact Kibo to begin using this feature.
  • Like for Like Exchanges: Identical items can now be exchanged without the need to create a new order via the refund process. If the item is not available in-store, the store associate is notified via a popup message. Like for Like exchanges are possible only if the items are exchanged in the same country as the original was bought.
  • Exchanges: Purchased items can now be exchanged at a different store location, as long as the stores are within the same country.
  • UI Changes on Customer Profile: A customer can now be added to or removed from a sale in two places – the customer list (by swiping right on the customer’s name) and the shopping cart (by clicking the button “Add Customer”). A new customer can be created from the shopping cart or from the customer list (via a new icon in the right corner). The customer profile now has an additional section about their store credit and a new shipping address can be added, edited, or deleted as well.
  • UI Changes on App: A section for suggested items has been added to the Product page. All customers now have a new default image. The Category list now has an automatic color palette for the categories’ background. An “Allow Access” popup has been added to the Camera, Photo Library, Bluetooth, and Location Services for actions such as scanning barcodes. Clicking the “Settings” option on this popup redirects the user to the iPad settings menu.
StatusSupport TicketResolution
Targeted for Production Tenants00264026 & 00225777Fixes an issue that removed the Save button from the Product Details page for certain user roles.
Targeted for Production Tenants00249788Fixes an issue that prevented customer segments from displaying in Admin.
Targeted for Production Tenants00252108Fixes an issue that incorrectly applied credits whenever a Pay with Amazon order was refunded.
Targeted for Production Tenants00238089Fixes an issue that prevented querying orders correctly.

Previous Updates


  • Improved Checkout and Split Payments—The checkout flow is now more intuitive and allows customers to pay for their order with multiple payment types or credit cards.
  • Improved Order Lookup—You now benefit from faster search and additional filters to retrieve incomplete split payment orders.
  • Improved Offline Functionality—There is now additional error handling in the system when the network goes offline during a transaction.
  • PayPalHere Integration Update—The integration now includes the PayPalHere SDK for improved payment handling.
  • Landscape Mode—All screens now function in landscape mode.
  • Discount Updates—The system now provides cart-level discounts and total discount amounts. Additionally, you can now layer discounts.
  • Gift Receipts—You can now leverage gift receipt functionality.
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