Bazaarvoice Conversations Integration

Boost sales and loyalty with Kibo’s integration with Bazaarvoice. This tool allows retailers to use real customer conversations to build social connections that generate revenue.

The powerful integration of Bazaarvoice Conversations and Kibo allows retailers to use real customer conversations that grow sales and build brand loyalty through social commerce. Kibo seamlessly integrates with Bazaarvoice Conversations to bring ratings & reviews, questions & answers, and ROI analytics to your Kibo storefront.

Ratings & Reviews

Let your customers do the talking for you

  • Flexibility to display ratings & reviews anywhere on your site
  • Automatically post interaction emails to collect customer feedback
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Increase product sales
Questions & Answers

Keep the customer conversation open and honest

  • Display questions and answers throughout your entire site
  • Build out your customer base and community
  • Decrease your support volume
  • Reduce product return rates
Roi & Analytics

The proof is in the numbers

  • Increase sales and gain market share
  • Improve marketing ROI and customer experiences
  • Get access to reference data that shows the value of Bazaarvoice Conversations

About Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice is a leading provider of social commerce solutions that help its clients capture, display and analyze online word of mouth, including consumer-generated ratings and reviews, questions and answers, stories, recommendations, photographs, videos and other content about our clients’ brands, products or services. Bazaarvoice enables its clients to place consumers at the center of their business strategies by helping consumers generate and share sentiment, preferences and other content about brands, products or services. Through its technology platform, Bazaarvoice’s clients leverage online word of mouth to increase sales, acquire new customers, improve marketing effectiveness, enhance consumer engagement across channels, increase success of new product launches, improve existing products and services, effectively scale customer support and decrease product returns.

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Classification: Integration
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Hosted: Yes
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Additional Development Requirements

Bazaarvoice account required. Requires minor theme update (widget).

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