Annex Cloud Visual Commerce

Let your customers illustrate your brand with Visual Commerce.

Collect and share customer pictures with Visual Commerce to boost conversions and increase engagement across the entire customer journey.

Visual Commerce offers a way to collect thousands of high-quality images and video of your products and brand from Instagram, YouTube, and via customer uploads.

Flexible Image Displays: Showcase your images and videos in a variety of ways across your website and marketing materials. Utilize Pinterest-like board functionality, mixed editorial displays, or interactive galleries to create engaging content on your site, and customize your product page displays to fit the look and feel of your website.

Comprehensive Image Rights Management: Efficiently obtain and maintain image rights in a single dashboard.

Intuitive Moderation and Curation: Moderation and curation dashboards make it easy to ensure your content is always appropriate and on-brand and manage where and how content is displayed across your site.

Shoppic and Shoppic Scheduler: Seamlessly bridge your Instagram profile and ecommerce site and turn your Instagram followers into paying customers.

The Smart Image Ranking Algorithm: Intelligently rank and prioritize your Visual Commerce assets and display content that will help you achieve your goals. You can rank content based on any number of parameters such as number of clicks on an image, number of followers, revenue generated from and image.


  • Flexible image display capabilities
  • Flexible collection capability, customers can hashtag on social media or upload directly to your site
  • Fully mobile responsive and adaptive and supported by iOS and Android SDKs
  • Hot Spoting makes highlighting and linking directly to product pages easy
  • Dynamic cropping
  • Native A/B testing
  • Internationalization
  • Cloud storage for Visual Commerce assets
  • Native Customer Loyalty integration
  • Native Ratings and Reviews integration

Categories: Social Commerce

Classification: Integration
Integrations update Kibo with functionality from a third-party partner.

Support Level: Partner-supported
Kibo-supported means Kibo develops the application and provides full support for it.

Certified: YES
Certified applications have been reviewed by Kibo to ensure features are complete, stable, and tuned for optimal performance.

Hosted: No
Hosted applications run on the Kibo cloud. If the app is not hosted, you need to run the application on your own server.

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