Annex Cloud Social Login

Get to know your customers through social graph data.

Social Login

Acquire valuable customer information through trusted social media networks and reduce shopping cart abandonment by giving your customers a simple and fast checkout process with Social Login.

With Social Login your customers can create and login to their accounts with the social media credentials of their choice. Social Login gives you access to invaluable social graph data and helps reduce your customers’ password fatigue by allowing them to use an already existing login credential.

Annex Cloud’s Social Login integrated with Kibo makes staying up-to-date with social networks’ frequent changes easy and makes adding new networks a breeze.

Annex Cloud’s unified platform delivers comprehensive customer profiles and Social Login enhances these by connecting user actions with social demographic data, to deliver stronger customer insights.


  • Fully managed services
  • A customizable interface ensures your solution looks like a native element of your site
  • Built-in account authentication
  • Native Customer Loyalty integration
  • Native User Generated Content integration

Categories: Social Commerce

Classification: Integration
Integrations update Kibo with functionality from a third-party partner.

Support Level: Partner-supported
Kibo-supported means Kibo develops the application and provides full support for it.

Certified: YES
Certified applications have been reviewed by Kibo to ensure features are complete, stable, and tuned for optimal performance.

Hosted: No
Hosted applications run on the Kibo cloud. If the app is not hosted, you need to run the application on your own server.

Additional Development Requirements

Annex Cloud account required.

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