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Boost acquisition and brand awareness by empowering customers to share your brand and products.


Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing gives your customers a way to share your brand and products with their friends and family, driving higher quality traffic to your site and stores and increasing acquisition.

Customizable Referral Implementation:  Integrate referrals into your marketing strategy in any way that works for your goals and needs. Enable customers to refer friends one-to-one via email and in-person referrals, integrate post purchase referrals to capitalize on customer excitement, or add share, save, and win to build contest incentives into your referrals.

Powerful Referral Campaigns and Advanced Segmentation:

The Referral Marketing suite boasts a wide variety of referral action options from sharing via social media, to email referrals, referral rewards delivered upon click or purchase, or post purchase referral calls to action. Whether you want your sharing solution to reward delayed gratification, offer a quick win, or give an extra treat to those who just bought, we’ve got you covered with our flexible solution. You can run multiple referral campaigns with different actions and varying audiences at the same time to tackle multiple goals. Build Campaigns based on advanced customer segments. The Referral Marketing dashboard enables you to track the status of each and every customer’s share activity. Get detailed information on which of your advocates are sending you high-quality new customers, and find out whose potential has yet to be tapped. From there, you can nurture these shoppers to boost acquisition and conversion.

Robust Omni-Channel Capability:

Increase referral activity with online-to-online, offline-to-online, online-to-offline, and offline-to-offline referrals via receipt codes, e-receipts, in-store referral solicitation, QR codes, email lookup, and more. Features like these ensure that your referral program gets the widest reach and is as convenient as possible for customers.

Native Customer Loyalty Integration: Further incentivize shoppers to spread the word about you, and reward loyal customers for supporting you. Thanks to Annex Clouds’s modular, unified platform of customer loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, looping Referral Marketing into your loyalty program or coupling it with other advocate marketing programs is a breeze.


  • Customizable referral actions and rewards
  • Advanced segmentation and campaign building capability
  • Fully mobile responsive and adaptive and supported with iOS and Android SDKs
  • Powerful anti-fraud protection
  • Native A/B testing
  • Native Customer Loyalty integration
  • Native User Generated Content integration
  • Native Social Login integration
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics delivered via intuitive dashboards

About Annex Cloud

Increase customer lifetime value, repeat purchase rates, and average order values with Annex Cloud’s Customer Loyalty integration with Kibo. Build a loyalty program that fits your goals and company needs and offers customers tangible incentives to regularly choose your brand.


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