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Amplience allows eCommerce and marketing users to easily deliver rich, engaging product and brand media to all channels, and across all devices.

Amplience allows merchandisers and marketers to easily create rich and engaging product pages that showcase the best aspects of their product and their brand. Users can easily create zooms, 360 degree product views, color and fabric swatches, and a huge range of other customizations. These solutions are easily built out of the box, or can be adapted to suit individual brands.

Videos can be automatically transcoded to the best file format across all channels to ensure rapid delivery, allowing consumers to get the best possible experience. Amplience automates much of the media production process with transformation templates and optimization options, ensuring consistency in image and video quality across all sites.

Amplience reduces the need for human intervention and potential error by automating the transformation of a master asses to suit different channels. Assets can be automatically ingested and published using APIs, shortening the time from studio to site, allowing retailers to be more agile and responsive.

With Amplience’s unique multi-CDN system, we ensure that content loads as quickly and reliably as possible, ensuring failsafe content delivery during all trading. We have an industry-leading SLA guarantee of 99.99% uptime, meaning that we guarantee that downtime will be less than 4 minutes a month.


  • Dynamically render any image variant on demand from a single master asset, eliminating batch processes
  • Flexible, mobile optimized, adaptive, and responsive product media viewers, with advanced developer SDK for total flexibility
  • Automate 360 and 720 (up and over) degree spin sets production
  • Multiple video transcoding profiles, automated on upload
  • Multiple media ingestion methods, including API and FTP
  • Flexible metadata schemas for enhanced enrichment workflows
  • Internationalized media and media sets supported as standard
  • Industry-leading 99.99% monthly asset availability SLA

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Categories: Video and Rich Media

Classification: Widget
Widgets enable merchants to drag and drop specialized functionality onto storefront pages.

Support Level: Partner-supported
Partner-supported Partner-supported means a third party provides support for the application. For support details, contact the partner.

Certified: Yes
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