Kibo Order Management

Simplify the Delivery of Complex Order Management Experiences

Kibo Order Management

Kibo is the versionless, composable order management system for high-volume retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers who want to simplify the delivery of complex customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies, and minimize their cost to serve customers

Break Down Barriers Between Order Management Data and Customers.

Manage complex inventory, orders, pricing, fulfillment and customer data in a single platform to simplify the delivery of customer experiences across channels. With Kibo’s Distributed Order Management (DOM) B2C and B2B Organizations Can:

  • Deliver accurate inventory and fulfillment data on the storefront and in offline channels
  • Launch fulfillment programs like dropship, curbside or BOPIS and process orders at scale
  • Customize order orchestration and fulfillment logic to meet needs without vendor reliance
  • Enable call centers to serve customers across channels with access to unified OMS data
  • Manage pricing, promotions, or subscriptions in the same platform as inventory and orders
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Own Your OMS Technology

A Composable Order Management Solution

  • Kibo OMS is microservices-based, cloud-native, composable, and highly extensible with flexible deployment options for all needs.
  • Incrementally modernize or supplement legacy solutions that lack usability without costly customizations.
  • Integrate with any ERP, WMS, CRM, ECP or any legacy or homegrown system with Kibo APIs or integration marketplace.
  • User Interfaces are fully featured and functionally rich for rapid adoption and can be granularly customized.
  • Platform services are easily extendable with Kibo Managed Extensibility to meet the unique needs of the business.

Grow With Kibo

Rapid Return on Investment

For Omnichannel retailers, Kibo is a long-term solution with a rapid return on investment that sustains value as your business grows.


Online Revenue Growth YoY From Kibo Unified Commerce Solutions

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7 Months

to Deploy Kibo Order Management Across 650+ Locations

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Initial Sales Growth From In-Store Pick-Up with Kibo Order Management

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Improvement in Shipment Fill Rate


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Unlock Order Management Data

Is Your Back-End Holding You Back?

Set siloed back-office data free and deliver on customer demands

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Complex Customer Experience Use Case

Bring Inventory on to the Site

Nothing more frustrating for a shopper than spending time searching for the perfect product only to find out it’s out-of-stock at checkout.

With Kibo, inventory data and search operate in unison, so shoppers only see items that are in-stock and purchasable. See how retailers like ACE Hardware are using Kibo to deliver effective search experiences and boost product discovery.

Composable Order Management

Key Capabilities

Kibo offers a balance of rich functionality and instant usability without compromising the freedom to create a completely custom front-end and back-end experience.

With Kibo, organizations have rapidly replaced home-grown OMS solutions, consolidated three subscription platforms into one, and saved millions on implementation costs of multiple products over a multi-vendor approach.

Right sizing with thoughtful packaging of functionality allows you to quickly address critical projects and supplement legacy solutions without orchestrating from scratch or paying for costly customizations.


Kibo Site Retail Omnichannel

Inventory Management

View, segment, and balance network-wide inventory in real-time by region, customer, channel, and more; extend data to the storefront experience

Kibo Site Direct Consumer


Enable drop shipping, cross dock replenishment, retail fulfillment programs, and any channel returns or substitutions; integrate with carriers and create custom workflows to improve fill rates


Subscriptions Management

Merchandise and price subscription offers, configure subscription-specific discounts, automate reordering on customer-specified frequencies, and more.

Kibo Site Inventory Order Routing

Intelligent Order Routing

Source inventory from the most optimal location and extend custom logic to drive inventory turn strategies or optimize shipping and labor costs.

Kibo Site Universal Cart Checkout

Customer and Order Servicing

Govern the CSRs ability to view customer profiles, order, payment, and shipping details, and place or split orders, manage returns or grant appeasements with ease

Kibo Site Catalog Pricing

Omnichannel Pricing and Promotions

Manage customer or segment-specific pricing, complex discount rules, promotional campaigns, stackable discounts and more across all channels.

We are a franchise with 1100 stores across the country.

Because Kibo’s OMS is headless, we can make incremental changes to the fulfillment interface to all locations and say, ‘we’re going to make this improvement to how you can return a product.’ We are also able to make changes to the UI specific to individual stores which has been a big help.

Danny Valentino
Director of IT E-Commerce, Home Hardware

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