Kibo offers clients a wide array of best-in-class services to drive growth for retailers and brand manufacturers. From initial implementation to training, support, and extended services, Kibo empowers merchants to be leaders in their industries.

Implementation & Success Services

Whether you are starting a new omnichannel strategy or making enhancements to existing programs, Kibo assists in bringing your eCommerce, order management, and real-time personalization platforms up to speed in record time. Kibo’s success services include initial implementation, consultative technical guidance to enable a successful project, and system enhancements that help you extend your out of the box solution. With the fastest time to market, Kibo gets you up and running so you can sell more.

Support Services

No matter the hour, Kibo merchants receive 24/7 live support from dedicated support experts who ensure that our clients have everything they need. Additionally, clients who are looking for extended customizations and integrations can take advantage of Kibo’s enhanced support packages.

Digital Marketing Services

When searching for products, nearly 40% of consumers head to first, making the struggle to drive traffic to your website and get your products found even more difficult. Fortunately, Kibo’s digital marketing services can help. From SEO to analytics to paid search (and everything in between), Kibo gets your company found so you can sell more.

Education Services

Kibo understands that no matter how powerful the software, it is only as effective as its users. That is why we offer detailed, personalized training for both your business and technical users. From admin tool training to API support, empower your day-to-day users and your technical staff with the knowledge to fully leverage every element in the Kibo platform. If you have questions about Kibo’s training services, please email

Strategic Services

Omnichannel retailing is more than a set of tools. It is a complex strategy that is specific to your unique business model. Kibo employs a group of strategic and tactical experts to help merchants use the Kibo platform to grow and optimize their omnichannel strategy. With eCommerce and order management advice in areas such as Kibo best practices, industry benchmarks, omnichannel tips and tricks, and preparing for upcoming retail trends, Kibo’s strategic services team are skilled in all areas of the industry. Whether you are a retailer or manufacturer in the B2B or B2C space (or both), Kibo’s got you covered.

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