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Delivering consumers all of the modern convenience of 21st century commerce, alongside a remarkable, neighborly shopping experience
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Orgill Customer Profile

Orgill is the world’s largest independently-owned hardware distributor. They provide the industry’s most reliable retail services across the United States and throughout more than 60 nations worldwide. Offering over 75,000 high-quality products, they’ve generated a loyal customer base that transcends geography.

Within Orgill’s business model, the delicate balance—feel local, be global—has been accomplished. That balance is evidenced by their:

  • Sophisticated marketing programs
  • Low-cost distribution services
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Passionate corporate dedication to supporting the uniqueness of individual dealers

We are most successful when we help our retailers become
more profitable.

The Orgill Motto


Orgill’s new brand, Hardware Connect, needed to go live with a focus on attracting online shoppers to visit local stores. This meant they also needed a powerful commerce platform with an open, robust API that could sync up with their PIM (product information management) and in-house order management system.

Remember those Magic Eye posters? You know, the ones with the pictures hidden behind a bunch of visual nonsense, that you must correctly “relax your eyes” to decipher? Some retail dilemmas appear so complex on the surface, but with the right approach and keen vision, it all becomes perfectly clear.

Orgill Case Study - Kibo Case Studies
Orgill Case Study - Kibo Case Studies


Orgill launched Hardware Connect to feature their extensive product catalog. Then they integrated Enterworks PIM with Kibo to align their product details across both systems. They make daily changes to their product categories, catalog structure, and individual items. Now they’re leveraging Kibo’s language packages to localize their product catalog in both English and Spanish.

Orgill customized Kibo’s OOB omni-channel capability to buy online and pick up in-store to allow online shoppers to buy an item at Hardware Connect, but choose to pick up the item at a local Orgill brick & mortar dealer. The Kibo order is then sent to Orgill’s custom order management system.

By preparing the order there, they can fulfill it directly to each dealer location. Meanwhile, communications are automated, keeping the transaction up-to-date within the order progress, and details are synced back with Kibo.

Shoppers have the option to return or exchange unwanted items to a local Orgill dealer shop, even if they purchased it online. Again, these returns are processed using Orgill’s custom order management system, and details are synced with Kibo’s powerful API.

Modern technology brings us closer together than ever, while also seeming to drive us apart. What a paradox. But, Orgill has managed to deliver consumers all the mod cons of 21st century commerce, alongside a remarkable, neighborly shopping experience. Paired with Kibo—the modern cloud commerce platform—the best of both worlds can be had.

Orgill chose Kibo. Through vision and collaboration we’ve found that perfect balance together.

Learn how to start delivering connected, personalized customer experiences today.

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