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Hayneedle Surprises Shoppers with Products they Love Using Kibo Personalized Recommendations
hayneedle case study

Hayneedle Customer Profile

From their early days as hammocks.com, Hayneedle.com has blossomed into a central destination site with over 250 specialty online stores where consumers can find all the furnishings they need for home, work and play. They are unique in that they do not promote just one style. In fact, Hayneedle.com has over 2,200 product categories, across a range of styles so that every shopper can find what they love and love what they find.


With so many products, the key challenge for Hayneedle.com was to help customers effectively and seamlessly navigate this huge product assortment and guide them to the products that most interest them. Their on site merchandisers and buying teams spend count-less hours selecting the perfect accessories for each product that they add to their catalog.

In fact, Hayneedle.com created their own affinity algorithms to automate additional recommendations. They wanted to supplement this solution with a product to augment their internal recommendations and expose alternative products to the customer.

Where as many home retailers offer a single style, Hayneedle.com serves customers across a broad variety of styles. With over 500,000 products, the challenge was to help shoppers navigate this huge assortment and guide them to the most interesting products for them.

hayneedle case study
hayneedle case study


Implementation Details

Kibo uses a distinctive approach to interpret user intent through the search terms used by the shopper. This fits well with the Hayneedle.com customer acquisition model. With this in mind, Hayneedle.com first implemented recommendations on product detail pages to supplement the expert recommendations from their merchandisers and to expose product alternatives to the customer. They also implemented Kibo recommendations on the cart page to reveal related product categories. Later, when a customer resumes their shopping on site, Hayneedle.com uses Kibo to create a “welcome back” experience to help customers pick up their shopping where they left off. Finally, they also use recommendations in email to maintain a fresh and relevant approach that eclipses generic seasonal campaign messaging to keep customers engaged, improve click through rates and drive conversion.

Since Hayneedle.com products frequently have affinities with adjacent product categories, they use Kibo to understand shopper intent and recommend related categories and expose customers to a broader assortment of relevant products. Each additional product the customer interacts with reveals an additional contextual clue that further refines the relevance of adjacent recommendations.

Results After Switching to Kibo

Hayneedle.com experienced a very proactive and supportive Kibo team throughout the integration. While a SaaS solution was not a requirement, Hayneedle.com was extremely pleased with the team, the integration project plan, weekly status updates and Kibo’s ability to work around issues with “a customized solution that surpassed our original requirements.”


Greater Engagement Rates


Higher Add To Cart Rate


Increase in Average Order Value

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