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Boscov's Case Study

Fleet Feet Sports

Fleet Feet was founded in 1976 as the U.S. was falling in love with running as a recreational activity. Two women runners opened a storefront in Sacramento, California, where they provided expert fit guidance for shoes and apparel. The store quickly became a hub for the running community, and Fleet Feet went on to sponsor local races, promoting broad-based, inclusive participation for fun – a now-commonplace marketing practice the brand pioneered.

The founders adopted a franchise model to fuel expansion, and Fleet Feet now boasts more than 170 locations. The brand’s in-store outfitting experience is its hallmark, and outlets are often owned and staffed by local enthusiasts who guide shoppers to the right gear and shoes for their foot shape, stride, and running style.

Stores now use a proprietary shoe fitting process that employs 3D scanning technology, with customer profiles stored online so associates can access prior fit history when shoppers return. Guidance on apparel and local activities completes the comprehensive outfitting experience; stores often host introductory classes and weekly training groups, as well as sponsoring local events.

“When we went digital, we initially launched with a fulfill-from-store model, and it’s been phenomenal. It’s really cool how it’s all connected, and Kibo is the heart of it.”

Jason Jabaut, Senior Director of eCommerce, Fleet Feet


While Fleet Feet was ahead of its time with its focus on one-to-one shopping experiences in stores, by the early 2010s, the brand still lacked an eCommerce site. With online sales fueling the majority of retail sector gains, Fleet Feet’s leadership recognized that they needed to get online, without disrupting their business model.

Fleet Feet needed a solution that would empower and reward local franchisees for supporting online initiatives, while providing shoppers with the eCommerce functionality they expected, whether on desktop or mobile devices.

“It’s the local stores that are the heartbeat of the brand,” said Jason Jabaut, senior director of eCommerce. “So when we began selling online, the question was really, ‘What should eCommerce look like for a brand that looks and acts like us?’”

Boscov's Case Study


Fleet Feet partnered with Kibo and found a solution that put store franchisees at the center of the new online business. When the eCommerce site launched in 2014, it was built to fulfill orders from inventory at nine store locations, without using a centralized distribution center.

Franchise owners can opt in to the eCommerce fulfillment network, and earn commissions on web sales they fulfill. More than 100 stores are now enrolled in the program, with orders for direct home delivery shipped from the closest participating store with items in stock.

“When we went digital, we initially launched with a fulfill-from-store model, and it’s been phenomenal,” said Jabaut. “It’s really cool how it’s all connected, and Kibo is the heart of it.”

Kibo provides network-wide inventory visibility that has enhanced store experiences, empowering staff to help consumers find out-of-stock items within the family of Fleet Feet fulfillment locations. Individual stores help customers navigate the eCommerce site via localized websites that showcase staff expertise, events, training group meetups, and running advice.


Since launch in 2014, Fleet Feet’s eCommerce program has contributed millions of dollars to top line sales growth for the brand and delivered healthy profits to its franchisees., In the past year alone, online revenues rocketed 77%, while the Fleet Feet brand is enjoying the best comparable in-store sales results its seen in years.

The network of stores fulfilling eCommerce orders has grown tenfold since 2014, which now enables faster home delivery timeframes: 90% of orders in the past year have shipped within two days of purchase – helping Fleet Feet deliver on expectations for responsive service.

Looking ahead, Fleet Feet plans to build on its inventory capability by offering Reserve Online, Buy In-Store services, enabling shoppers to claim their preferred sizes and styles in advance. Store staff will be able to set aside the requested selection of shoes for shoppers to try when they arrive, making fitting sessions more efficient and informative than ever.

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