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How Kibo Empowered Boathouse Sports to Manage 1,500 Websites at Once

Boathouse Customer Profile

The origin of Boathouse dates back to the ’70s when Olympic rower Hugh Stevenson, racing at the World Rowing Championship in Lucerne, Switzerland traded a pair of the highly sought after “blue jeans” with a Soviet athlete in exchange for a rowing jacket. Over the next 2 years, Hugh re-designed the jacket with some very cool and functional features to create the iconic Stevenson Jacket. The uniqueness of the jacket was in the invention of the “Orbital Shoulder Gussets” which provided freedom of movement like no other jacket in the marketplace. It was worn for the first time by the USA Olympic Rowing team at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, and continues today to be a best-seller for teams and athletes around the world.

Since then, Boathouse has expanded its line of products to become a premier manufacturer of performance apparel, outfitting athletes and teams across a range of sports on and off the field. As a successful mid-market retailer, they were already a perfect fit for Kibo—but there’s more to the story.


Imagine your daughter is on the Trinity Rowing Crew. Naturally, you want to support her by showing up to the races wearing the team’s logo and colors. Boathouse Sports’ online store allows you to:

  • Select your garment(s)
  • Upload the team’s logo
  • Create your own temporary online store

By providing the option of easily creating your own website, Boathouse lets you send out a unique URL to your daughter’s teammates and/or their friends and family. There they can choose from the different t-shirts (or sweatshirts, polos, jackets, etc.) you’ve designed, on a site you’ve created. You can decide between having the order bulk shipped to one place, OR shipping each item independently to each customer.

Pretty great idea, right? This is the kind of forward-thinking retail we’d love to see more of across the industry. As is usually the case with innovative ideas, this required innovative implementation.

Since Boathouse is a successful company and this service is a crucial component of their business model, you can imagine how many of these websites they’d need.

Here’s where Kibo comes in.


Echidna, Kibo’s Solutions Integration Partner, built a self-service portal for Boathouse Sports customers. It handily pulls products from the Kibo catalog and allows the shopper to fill out info about their store. This includes things like the store’s open date, close date, number of items sold, and more. The portal then creates a category in Kibo that becomes the customer’s microsite. Voila!

And the self-service portal isn’t just for supportive moms and dads. If you’re on a club sports team you can use any licensed or unlicensed logo you like to rally your troops.

Kibo provided Boathouse a custom solution using microsites from the Kibo categories, all living underneath one domain. This means that Boathouse doesn’t have to create and manage a new URL for every customer’s website.

Using ShipWorks—a shipping company whose integration services were built by Kibo—orders are drawn from Kibo, and then they print labels, offer pack lists, and allow each customer to make sure their items are shipped to the right places.

Results After Switching to Kibo

The decision makers at Boathouse considered their options carefully. In the end, Kibo was the only commerce platform with the power and simplicity they needed. To successfully manage 1,500 websites, they required the kind of scalability that Kibo makes look easy.

Because it is easy.


Customers Create and Launch Their Own Sites


Easily Create & Manage Microsites


Simplified and Agile Fulfillment Process

Be the hero your customers need!

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