Kibo's Unified Commerce Platform Runs on AWS

Kibo x AWS

Kibo’s Unified Commerce Platform Runs on AWS

Kibo’s AWS cloud-native commerce platform uses an API-first, composable architecture to provide flexibility, extensibility, security, and scalability to meet your business needs.

AWS & Kibo

Why The Cloud?

Kibo and AWS are committed to helping organizations modernize and optimize their digital customer experience and order management challenges with solutions that provide a more unified experience that are easy to procure, deploy, and quickly create value.

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Global Deployment

The AWS public cloud infrastructure used to deploy the Kibo platform across the globe allows optimal response times for our clients and their customers. Since we are containerized and our deployments are automated, all platform innovations and improvements are available immediately across the globe.

High Availability

Public cloud infrastructure allows us to deploy our commerce platform across multiple regions and multiple availability zones. This allows all of our services to be highly available across multiple physical data centers, ensuring smooth operations even under catastrophic failure of underlying infrastructure.


With our solutions running on AWS Cloud, Kibo customers can feel confident that their data is secure and adheres to the global data privacy requirements based on their regional jurisdiction.

Kibo Solutions Available in AWS Marketplace

Kibo’s Composable Commerce and Order Management solution marketplace listings will enable AWS cloud users to rapidly and securely deploy compelling commerce experiences and dynamic fulfillment models with a streamlined purchasing process while maximizing existing investments in AWS and Cloud Strategy.

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Kibo Order Management

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