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Grocery Experiences

A Digital Roadmap for Grocery Brands

Social distancing measures have accelerated online grocery shopping adoption in the United States and elsewhere. As a result, grocers are finding themselves scrambling to meet an uptick in digital activity and demand. Luckily, it's easier than ever for grocery brands to implement a scalable personalization strategy across all their digital properties to meet the needs of increased customer activity online.

Personalizing Grocery Experiences

Upgrade your personalization strategy Immediate Personalization Wins for Grocery Stores

Solving tomorrow’s grocery challenges with personalization.

As grocery brands look to meet the needs of surging customer activity online, these three personalization wins can help grocers upgrade their personalization strategy accordingly.

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Personalizing Grocery Experiences

Building Unforgettable Experiences Online Waitrose Drives 68% Engagement Lift Using AI

The UK grocer migrated its immersive in-store experience to an online format with Monetate’s help.

Waitrose’s marketing team leveraged personalization to determine what were the best food recipes to display to each customer.

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Digital Grocery Sales In 2020 By The Numbers


In April 2020, 40 million U.S. shoppers purchased groceries online

One-third of shoppers reported buying food online for the first time in mid-March of 2020

It’s estimated that 65% of shoppers have changed their online shopping habits because of COVID-19

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