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eCommerce for the Fashion Industry

The era of omnichannel retail is here. Respond to it with personalized eCommerce, intelligent order management, and dynamic pricing for fashion brands.

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Address the Crowded Market Seamless Retail Experiences

Stand out from the competition and win

A crowded apparel retail marketplace means that fashion retailers must work harder than ever to stand out from the competition. Exceed these changing customer expectations by providing shoppers a seamless experience between online offerings.

Digital Fashion Sales By the Numbers


Apparel consumers browse online before buying in store

U.S. clothing & footwear purchases occur online

Online purchases result in a return

THE FACTS about Digital Commerce Fashion Retail

You’re Either in, or You’re Out.

Fashion + Apparel

Fun, Easy, & Everywhere Gift Cards

Keeping Shoppers Happy with Seamless Gift Card Processes

Everyone loves a gift card! With sizing and fit uncertain, gift cards allow shoppers to share the fashion love with friends, without the hassle or worry of purchasing a gift they may not like in the first place. To take full advantage of gift card sales, you need proper systems in place that make it easy to purchase and redeem gift cards, both online and offline, regardless of the card format.

Kibo’s fashion eCommerce software provides online and offline cross-channel capabilities for gift card holders, mobile-friendly features for gift card purchases, and social gifting shortcuts that provide direct links to gift card purchases in boosted posts and other paid placements.

Delight Your Customers Mobile Customer Service

Empower Sales Teams to Flex and Meet the Rush

The quality of your in-store associates can make or break a sale. But employee turnover and seasonal staff pose real challenges to maintaining a top-notch sales team. And during the busiest seasons, long checkout lines end up turning customers away before they even walk in the store.

Kibo’s Mobile Point of Service solution equips your associates to provide excellent service anywhere in the store. As part of the Unified Commerce Cloud platform, Kibo mPOS puts chain-wide inventory and product knowledge at their fingertips. Its intuitive user interface means that new and seasonal employees are easy to onboard. And Kibo mPOS enables line busting during peak hours, without the expense of additional POS terminals.


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