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Packaged Goods

Commerce Solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry

Adapt your CPG business to the digital landscape with an eCommerce solution and merchandising software that meet today’s digitally demanding consumer.

Consumer Goods

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Our CPG Guide provides a bundle of responses Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and soft goods brands can use to meet new CPG trends in customer behavior and maximize personalized customer experiences—come what may.

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Consumer Goods

Today’s Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Demands Digital Acuity

The Rise of eCommerce has Turned the CPG Industry on its Head.

Traditionally, the industry has relied on partnerships with large retailers, and primarily managed the majority of its operations offline. But in today’s CPG environment, consumers call the shots as they increasingly engage in product research online before ever venturing to the store.

Meeting Shopper Expectations Digital CPG Commerce

Digital CPG Sales By the Numbers


Consumers expect to be able to make a purchase directly from a brand

Predicted annual spend on online groceries by 2022

Rise in online sales of consumer packaged goods

The Facts about Digital Commerce Evolving Consumer Behavior


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