Kibo empowers developers to build feature-rich storefronts and deliver best-in-class commerce experiences. Get started quickly and build quality storefronts by leveraging Kibo’s commerce APIs with GraphQL support, extensibility services, pre-built integrations, storefront accelerators, and deployment tooling.

Kibo makes it easy to get started with integrations to top platform vendors and ecosystem partners, along with powerful tools to create the experience your customers are looking for.


Developer Tooling

Accelerate your time to market
Storefront Accelerators

Get started in record time with Storefront Accelerators including:

* Vue Storefront
* React Storefront
* Next.js Commerce

Pre-Enabled Starter Kits:
* B2C and B2B Omnichannel for Nuxt/Vue
* B2C and B2B Omnichannel for Next/React
Enable omnichannel capabilities for Nuxt/Vue and Next/React storefronts.

Please refer here for documentation on our Storefront Accelerators.

Developer Tooling

Quickly launch seamless shopping experiences
Headless Deployment Made Simple

Kibo has reduced barriers to headless deployment by building tools to make deployment easier with a handful of close deployment partners. At the same time, clients who have a preferred vendor are by no means required to leverage Kibo’s deployment partners.

Deployment platform partners:
• Layer0
• Vercel
• Netlify

Please refer here for documentation on pre-built deployment options. Deployment information is specified within the Starter Kit section, for each Starter Kit.

Developer Tooling

Frictionless Commerce
Headless Commerce Integrations

Pre-built integrations with numerous software applications allow our clients to easily build and deliver frictionless commerce experiences.

The following is a list of select pre-built integrations across software categories commonly used in commerce deployments:
• Contentful
• Amplience
• ContentStack
• Storyblok
• NetSuite
• Microsoft Dynamics 365
• Infor
• Zoho CRM
• Salesforce CRM
• TurnTo
• Power Reviews
• Segment
• Evergage
• Oracle Bronto
• Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Developer Tooling

Build and Test APIs
Using Postman With Kibo APIs

Postman is an API development application that facilitates the building and testing of API requests. Postman’s interface helps generate authentication and requests to ensure that they are formatted appropriately and check responses.

API Documentation

APIs are the glue that stitch together our software landscape into an ecosystem of solutions. Leverage the host of commerce microservices and flexible APIs to create seamless experiences that meet the modern shoppers needs.

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