All functionality accessible via APIs

Headless Commerce APIs

Build and scale your business with flexible, robust APIs. Develop the experience you want with easy integrations, developer-friendly APIs, and deep extensibility capabilities.

Our API-first, microservices-based architecture allows for greater flexibility and control. The APIs cover all of the commerce functionality, allowing you to leverage all of the services.


Empower Developers To Innovate With Kibo

API Extensions as a Service is a development framework built on the V8 Javascript runtime that allows server-side JavaScript applications to execute on the Kibo platform. With API Extensions as a Service, you can make deep changes to the Kibo platform by manipulating API operations through the HTTP request-response protocol as well as interacting directly with underlying Kibo microservices.

Headless Commerce APIs


Kibo SDKs enable you to create robust ecommerce applications using the platform and development environment of your choice. The SDKs expose the complete functionality of the Kibo Headless Commerce REST API and include additional enhancements that improve your productivity and get your product out the door faster.

API Documentation

APIs are the glue that stitch together our software landscape into an ecosystem of solutions. Leverage the host of commerce microservices and flexible APIs to create seamless experiences that meet the modern shoppers needs.

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Kibo Approach To API Documentation

Kibo has designed the API documentation with developers in mind. The interactive site supports real API requests and leverages the OpenAPI Specification. The documentation is automatically updated from the codebase to provide accurate and reliable information.

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