Composable Commerce Solutions for B2B & B2C

Complex Commerce, Simplified

Composable Commerce Solutions for B2B & B2C

Simplify the management of complex product catalogs, search, pricing, order, inventory and customer management across sites, brands and channels.

Rich Commerce Functionality. Deep Extensibility. Flexible Deployments

Enterprise B2B and B2C Organizations Use Kibo To: 

  • Centrally manage product information, complex pricing, promotional campaigns and discounts
  • Fine-tune native search to display inventory in search filters or searchandize by product goals
  • Create and manage multiple sites or brands in a single platform, with a unified cart and catalog
  • Develop a completely custom front-end and back-end experience at half the cost and time of other composable microservices solutions

See why Gartner ranked Kibo eCommerce high scores in composability and agility and why Forrester named Kibo the Leader in their Commerce Solutions Report.

4.7 star rating 4.7 (100+)

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What Happens When Rich Functionality Meets Future-Proof Flexibility


Increase Digital Revenue Growth In One Year



Reduction in Technical Debt over Three Years



Increase in Online Sales In One Year

Boost Your Headless Time To Value With Kibo Omnichannel Starter Stores and Integrations

Kibo Omnichannel Starter Stores that contain pre-built integrations, workflows and processes to Kibo services like search, inventory, and order routing.

  • Rapidly deploy B2B and B2C omnichannel experiences
  • Launch a storefront with connector kits to popular frameworks such as React Storefront, Vue Storefront, and Next.js Commerce
  • Integrate with leading headless CMS providers through pre-built integrations or use Kibo APIs to integrate existing systems
Kibo Products, Share Services, and Modules

Extensible, modular architecture

Powerful eCommerce Software

Recognized as one of the top modern headless eCommerce platforms by industry analysts, Kibo enables organizations to launch extensible commerce experiences, all built upon future-proof, modular architecture.

  • Purchase and deploy only the solutions needed, with rapid implementation of additional capabilities in the future
  • Seamlessly integrate workflows and data from existing technologies like ERP, CRM, WMS or pricing tools
  • Extend the needs of the platform with Kibo’s managed extensibility or use Kibo dev tools to build custom applications

Key solution capabilities

Cost-Effective and Flexible eCommerce Platform

The single-admin, multi-site Commerce platform allows users to manage B2B and B2C functions from one console using shared services across all of the unified platform solution areas.


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Product & Catalog Management

Leverage Master and Child catalogs to build, configure, and merchandize products across all sites and commerce channels.

Search & Searchandising

Take advantage of Kibo’s tooling to granularly configure search relevancy optimized for your business and catalog, along with powerful search merchandising (searchandising) tools.

B2B eCommerce

Support for purchase orders, quick orders, account hierarchy, frictionless account management, approval workflows, self-service features, and integrated payment gateways.

Unified Cart & Checkout

Provide persistent cart, unified cart, guest checkout, wishlists, and much more.

Pricing, Promotions, and Discounts

Set up customer or segment-specific pricing, complex discount rules, promotional campaigns, stackable discounts, and much more.

Subscriptions Management

Merchandise and price subscription offers, configure subscription-specific discounts, automate reordering on customer-specified frequencies, and more.

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Everything that we’ve wanted to do we’ve been able to accomplish.

“We are in a very different space inside construction; our materials are very specialized products that many people know how to use. We really wanted a system that gave our customers a clean user experience. Kibo looked too good to be true. Flexibility and functionality needed. Everything that we’ve wanted to do we’ve been able to accomplish and tested it out.”

Tim Lavinder
Tim Lavinder
Director of Digital Strategy, Coastal Construction

Improve Page Performance With Kibo Headless Commerce

With Kibo’s back-end commerce capabilities for headless deployments, City Furniture achieved  greater flexibility and faster load times.

  • Kibo’s microservices-based, API-first architecture, and proper layering ensures each microservice can scale independently, reducing load times and improving response times
  • Kibo’s manages, scales, and hosts extensions in the same data center as core commerce capabilities eliminating the risk of latency from API calls to customizations.

Manage D2C & B2B Channels With Ease

Kibo powers Jelly Belly’s two DTC websites and two B2B websites, along with several international content sites and web-based tools for partners, both domestic and international.



Kibo has the API connectivity and flexibility so that my developers are free to build out the business logic that we need. Kibo provides 80% of what we need OOTB, and we can build the rest.

My advice for growing DTC brands is to make  sure  that  the  platform  you  choose  is  flexible  enough to handle your business requirements now and in the future.”

-Brandon Finch, VP of Global eBusiness

With Kibo’s Multi-Site Management Capabilities Brands Can:

  • Build multiple sites that leverage the same set of commerce capabilities from a single admin console, usable by both technical and non-technical teams to innovate without limits.
  • Holistically manage inventory, orders and fulfillment across channels utilizing the same data model, microservices and UI as eCommerce and Subscription capabilities.

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