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About Us

Kibo is a leading omnichannel commerce platform for retailers and branded manufacturers with over 800 customers fulfilling orders in 75 countries. Clients achieve optimal performance and loyalty through truly connected customer experiences across customer devices and retail touchpoints. Kibo’s unified approach includes a leading eCommerce platform, big data 1:1 personalization, mobile POS, and distributed order management delivered via a modern, cloud-based infrastructure. The Kibo platform can scale as clients grow their business while maintaining a low cost of ownership and faster time to market than other solutions. Kibo enables you to reach higher peaks of sales and customer loyalty. No matter the challenge, Kibo powers your success.

Kibo has a really keen understanding of the growing challenges and complexity facing mid-market merchants – not just from a technology perspective, but operationally and strategically as well.

Brandon Finch, Director of eBusiness, Jelly Belly


The journey to help retailers and branded manufacturers unify the consumer experience began in 2016, when three market leaders were brought together to form Kibo. Since that time, Kibo has continued to invest and build a complete omnichannel commerce platform, delivering the lowest cost of ownership and the fastest time to value. Our customers are ensured to always be on the latest and most up-to-date commerce technology that will continue to power their success to new heights.

  The Kibo Story
Oct 2016Mozu is acquired by Kibo
Sept 2016Baynote is acquired by Kibo
Jan 2016Fiverun is acquired by Vista Equity Partners, merged with MarketLive and Shopatron, and Kibo is formed
Dec 2015MarketLive and Shopatron are acquired by Vista Equity Partners
2014Mozu is founded
2011Fiverun is founded
2004Baynote is founded
2000Shopatron is founded
1995Marketlive is founded
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