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Regatta uses category-driven product recommendations and dynamic testing to boost KPIs & roll out experiences to sister sites.


Benefits Of Partnering With Kibo:


Lift In Add-to-Cart (ATC) Rate


Increase in Revenue Per Session (RPS)


Lift In Average Order Value (AOV)



Regatta is a family-owned company that sells year-round active apparel for men, women and children across the United Kingdom and Europe. They’ve been attending to adventure-minded consumers with a personal touch since 1981. To replicate their attentiveness to customer needs online, Regatta chose Kibo Personalization for its easy-to-use platform that would allow the retailer’s lean team to quickly test and deploy personalized customer experiences.

As part of the program, the retailer implemented a “center of excellence” approach for cross-team impact. Led by their UK-based marketing team, an initial personalization experience is deployed and tested on the Regatta main site, and then a decision is made to roll out the new experience across Regatta’s sister sites, Craghoppers and Dare2b, if successful.

With the support of the Kibo team, and with less heavy lifting required from Regatta developers, the retailer quickly ramped up the number of personalized experiences across its sites, starting with product pages, which are a popular landing destination for traffic coming from search engines.

“As an agile team, we use Kibo to optimize the customer experience, validate lift and improve key metrics.”
— Charlotte Quinn, Conversion Rate Optimization Executive at Regatta

3 Ways Regatta Is Now Using Kibo

Kibo Product Recommendations combined with tools like Dynamic Testing enable Regatta to learn what experiences work while maximizing performance.

Out-of-the-box behavioral targets allows Regatta to easily focus on key areas of the site or target certain visitor segments to increase performance.

Slotted recommendations give Regatta more control over the products displayed within each recommendation container.



Bestsellers recommendations on product pages for visitors landing from paid search

When analyzing user behavior, Regatta noticed a high exit rate for visitors landing from paid search. To remedy it, they tested the addition of product recommendations featuring product bestsellers to encourage visitors to browse the site without leaving straight away.



Slotted recommendations encouraging build-your-own-outfit

Regatta wanted to form a better connection between purchase behavior and product recommendations. After being introduced to slotted recommendations, the retailer wanted to see if showing a mix of jackets, trousers and footwear in the experience instead of just a random assortment of ‘Bought Also Bought’ products would increase conversion rate.

Additionally, the team at Regatta thought showing the products in this manner might create something similar to a ‘build your outfit’ functionality. By always seeing tops, bottoms and footwear with the product they are browsing, visitors could start to create a preferred outfit in the process.



Incentivize added spend with a ‘free delivery’ progress bar in the basket

Regatta wanted to test free delivery offers for purchases above a certain threshold to nudge an increase in AOV. They created a dynamic progress bar to appear on visitors’ baskets when their order went above £45, but below the threshold of £55, to encourage shoppers to add items to their cart.



Regatta also plans to test more bestseller product recommendations that are tailored around key seasonal products like rain boots or spring jackets.“

With the help of the Kibo team and their easy-to-use platform, we’re excited to roll out a lot of new tests in the spring, in time for our new season,” said Charlotte Quinn.