MSC Industrial Supply saw a 12% boost in average order value after implementing Kibo Personalization.


AI-powered PersonalizationYIELDS REAL RESULTS


Increase in Items per Order


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Conversion Rate


MSC Industrial Supply is one of North America’s largest direct marketers and distributors of maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and metalworking products.

MSC wanted to:

  • Create a simplified way for customers to find and purchase products on their site
  • Personalize recommendations based on browse and purchase behavior
  • Use their MRO expertise to guide buyers to the most relevant products

As a customer navigates our site, Kibo's technology, powered by Monetate and Certona, utilizes everything we know about that particular customer’s preferences to provide a personalized experience and suggest alternative and complementary products.

Mike Roth
Senior Director of eCommerce, MSC


There are many complexities in the B2B eCommerce world that make the buying process long and difficult. Imagine if your buyers can come on to your site, immediately find the products they need and then check out or send for manager approval without any frustrations or roadblocks.

This is exactly what MSC, a leading North American distributor of metalworking and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and services, wanted to accomplish with its B2B eCommerce experience. In 2016, MSC won the overall award for B2B eCommerce at IRCE for its innovative online buying features and a focus on eCommerce that has resulted in more than half of its sales processed online. Providing a more efficient and personalized buying experience was extremely crucial to MSC’s business and its customers.

With over one million maintenance and repair products on its website, MSC was looking to achieve several goals with personalization.

The SolutionPersonalized Recommendations

MSC worked strategically with Kibo to implement product recommendations on the category page, product listing page, product detail page, and shopping cart page, as well as the Add to Cart popup modal window. This initial implementation equipped the website with relevant recommendations on pages with the highest visibility. 

The recommendation strategies used on these pages included similar items, cross-sells and upsells, as well as recently purchase items. These strategies reduced the time the MSC merchandising team needed to figure out which products should be recommended. Due to the detailed product information within the data feed, the Kibo Personalization engine was able to determine comparable products, relevant upsells and cross-sells, and present previously purchased products within the shopping cart for easy re-ordering.

Results and LookingForward

After implementing Kibo product recommendations on, the team at MSC saw that their customers were interacting and purchasing more recommended products. One location that stood out in terms of increased performance was the Add to Cart popup modal. This window pops up when a customer clicks on the “Add to Cart” button on any product and relevant cross-sell recommendations appear below. Buyers who interact with recommendations had a 38% increase in conversion, 12% boost in average order value, and 46% spike in items per order. 

Due to the success of the first implementation of Kibo Personalization, MSC is currently working on more customer-based personalization including additional site recommendations, category images, data sheets, banners, promotions and brands aligned with their customer’s specific business needs and further reinforce MSC as the industry expert in the MRO field.