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Helly Hansen combined 1-to-1 Personalization and advanced recommendation techniques to create unique experiences across 19 countries and 7 languages.




increase in Revenue per Session (RPS) on Product Detail Pages with Dynamic Tests


increase in RPS in the men's section of the site with slotted recommendations


decrease in returning customer bounce rates by using 1-to-1 Personalization on their homepage

helly hansen personalization


Helly Hansen is a Norwegian producer of outdoor and workwear gear with a rich history that stretches back to 1877, and a fast-growing appeal that has seen it popularized across countries and cultures. The company produces high-performance apparel for a wide range of enthusiasts in the sailing, hiking, and skiing categories. The outdoor outfitter sells directly to customers in 19 stores around the world as well as to an international audience online.

Given Helly Hansen’s worldwide appeal, both its Norwegian and U.S. ecommerce teams wanted to create new strategies for more dynamic, personalized experiences that their former ecomm platform couldn’t provide with its add-on personalization feature.


As a result of their global presence, and their specialization in a broad swath of apparel, Helly Hansen has a widely varied customer base. Therefore, the company needed to make sure the shopping experience would be as relevant for a Spanish sailor as it would be for a professional skier in Colorado or a commuter in London.

The company wanted a new, segmented site that was well-targeted to customers across a global array of outdoor interests.

The company originally turned to static images that would have to appeal to every visitor on the site. They often relied on stereotypical “sailing in summer” and “skiing in winter” assets that were not personalized and whose placement was not data-driven. As you can imagine, this approach wasn’t maximizing performance and wasn’t capturing customer interest.

Plus, Helly Hansen had a small team driving rapid growth. In order to deliver segmented experiences to each of their customer groups, they needed a machine learning-driven approach that could account for a large number of variables and that could scale easily. The teams wanted to create 1-to-1 Personalization Experiences on their homepage to create unique first-touch experiences for customers.

With four product slots on the home page, creating variety was key. Similarly, they wanted to test product recommendations on other pages that could also be tested and personalized with Slotting, Automated Personalization, and Dynamic Testing.


Helly Hansen was impressed with Kibo’s easy-to-use platform and its ability to offer testing, segmentation, recommendations, and AI-driven personalization. It also offered the opportunity to dramatically reduce the load of managing experiences across a number of locations, languages, and currencies.

On their old platform, it was a heavy lift to update each piece of content for every store, in every language, as well as manage pricing in different currencies—and that was without even thinking about targeting their different segments. Helly Hansen worked with Kibo to manage translated experiences that fit specific countries and cultures. For example, Kibo made it much easier to make quick changes to banners across regions. This not only improved agility but also drove better engagement in each market.

The ability to segment experiences and deliver targeted product recommendations are also major benefits that Kibo Personalization, powered by Monetate, provided Helly Hansen. Through the platform, Helly Hansen was able to understand visitor intent based on season and region. For instance, visitors from certain regions were more likely to be looking for cold- weather sailing gear in the summer even though a lot of the gear they were purchasing or viewing was focused on winter-weight clothing. Understanding these fluctuations, and having the tools to react to differences in customer intent, allowed Helly Hansen to share the right content based on actual customer behaviors, not just their own assumptions.

With Kibo’s help, the Helly Hansen teams introduced an algorithm-driven carousel slider to serve the most relevant products to customers. The recommendations combine insights pulled from data points like previous browsing history, current browsing activity, gender, and other relevant factors.

For example, for homepage experiences for returning visitors, Helly Hansen tested the following:

  • Product recommendations split into menswear vs. womenswear for both warm and cold weather gear
  • New data inputs such as country, current weather, predicted forecast, and most importantly, past behavioral data such as site searches and past purchases—all out-of-the-box Kibo targets
  • The highlighting of products based on overall past browsing behaviors and influencer messaging such as “most popular” and “trending”
  • Messaging that adapted to changing seasons

helly hansen personalization slotting ai recommendations

Working with Kibo makes it easy to maintain our creative as well as segmenting content to the right customers.

Liz Bondelid
Helly Hansen, eCommerce Manager

The team set up slotted recommendations for new visitors, who were shown recommendations based on trending and popular items. The outdoor outfitter found that Slotting worked very well across men’s, women’s and kids’ pages. Further, Kibo’s personalization engine used data inputs like country, population density, and popular sports categories to improve the homepage experience over time.

helly hansen product recommendations

Using Kibo Personalization, we’ve seen big improvements in homepage performance and can easily see which experiences are relevant for each customer.

Mattie Blevens
Helly Hansen, eCommerce Merchandising Manager


1-to-1 Personalized Experiences and targeted, slotted recommendations drove significant increases in Revenue Per Session across the homepage and product pages.

Across the global team, Helly Hansen can now easily create content for every site in every language with ease. The company plans to improve the process even more by implementing seven languages within one experience so that they don’t have to work off of new datasets each month. This will create consistency and less work for them.

Helly Hansen notes that the Kibo team has been a great partner in implementing and growing their personalization program.

With such a globally distributed team, the stakeholders at Helly Hansen corporate were concerned that it would be difficult to onboard, but Kibo’s training worked extremely well to get everyone up and running.

helly hansen product recommendations 1-to-1 personalization

One of the great things about Kibo has been that we have great support for all the locations. Kibo has helped our widely dispersed team learn how to use the tool and run with it, even with a 9 hour time change.

Liz Bondelid
Helly Hansen, eCommerce Manager,


With many stores closed during COVID-19, marketing plans moved largely to ecommerce. For its part, Helly Hansen is planning to grow through their Helly Hansen Professional Purchase program. This membership program is made up of professional athletes, resort partners, and healthcare workers that are very loyal and influential and who tend to purchase very specialized products for their more extreme needs. Growing and nurturing this group has become a major focal point for the brand.

In turn, Helly Hansen plans to update the pro experience to be personalized with tailored content and shopping experiences. Kibo Personalization, powered by Monetate, will provide personalization capabilities to drive these experiences and will help Helly Hansen recognize Pro shoppers right from the beginning of their online journey.

The company also plans to grow loyalty and affiliate programs and is working with an analytics team to help build out their CRM and increase customer lifetime value over time by identifying customer segments and marketing opportunities. Feeding these insights into Kibo will further enhance segmentation and personalization accuracy and performance so that their customer base of outdoor enthusiasts can hit the slopes and high seas with the best gear at hand.