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Premium wine retailer increases Add-to-Cart rate 55% with scarcity marketing from Kibo Personalization.


Benefits Of Partnering With Kibo:


Increase In Add-to-Cart Rate On HALL Website


Average Lift In ATC On Sister Site


Rise In Conversion Rate On Mobile

HALL Wines


HALL Wines, a Napa-based winery and online wine retailer, used Social Proof, a component of Kibo Personalization, to test the delivery of targeted messaging to their customers and wine club members. With Social Proof, HALL Wines alerted shoppers to in-demand wines and wines that were about to sell out, resulting in a sense of urgency that increased engagement. The team also combined Social Proof with Dynamic Testing, another Kibo Personalization component, to learn more about which messages worked best across their different sites.

“With Social Proof, we were able to notify our customers when their favorite wines are selling out. We can only produce a limited amount of our wine every vintage, so being able to highlight the scarcity of our product increased velocity. Social Proof and other Kibo Personalization capabilities are so flexible, we were able to easily set up our own tests and expand to our other sites,” said Mike Hodgson, Director of eCommerce at HALL Wines.

Because promotions and discounts can only be used sparingly in the luxury space, having a tool that highlights the scarcity of product, like Social Proof, proved to be exciting and extremely useful for the company.

“Social Proof is an important tool for us, as luxury wine customers care about the popularity and scarcity of products. Being able to communicate when our wines are selling out gives our customers a window of opportunity to secure our bestselling wines. We don’t offer many discounts so this is an invaluable promotion tool.”
— Mike Hodgson, Director of eCommerce at HALL Wines
HALL Wines


HALL Wines is a storied winery that also runs several online wine retail sites including, and The HALL Wines team works hard to provide a highly personalized experience for their online customers, who tend to be very discerning wine buyers.

What’s more, wine is a complicated product to sell because production is limited and products sell out quickly. Marketing to just the right buyers at just the right time can create just enough demand without leaving too many people disappointed if a particular wine sells out.

HALL Wines wanted a way to personalize product marketing to the right people to drive more conversions while also keeping customers engaged, knowing that new wines would be made available soon after sellout. Enter, Social Proof.

HALL Wines


Through a series of tests, HALL Wines implemented Social Proof to share which wines were selling quickly or were at risk of selling out. Wine aficionados often have a sense of FOMO about getting the best wines, and Social Proof proved to be the perfect tool to help customers secure their favorite wines before they were gone.

HALL Wines also leveraged Dynamic Testing, a Kibo Personalization capability, to learn which messaging worked best across their different brand sites, and across web and mobile. Being able to dynamically test social proof messaging proved to be a valuable way to quickly learn and adapt to highly discerning customer behavior.

HALL Wines also found it very helpful to have access to built-in analytics for monitoring results, and to be able to gather insights from the same UI as their testing program.

HALL Wines


Its flexibility and ease of use made Social Proof a winning choice for HALL Wines.

Across Social Proof’s different implementations, HALL Wines saw increased ATC and conversion behavior.

Alongside Social Proof, HALL Wines used Dynamic Testing to make quick, agile changes to their entire audience, or specific audiences in their wine club. HALL Wines has also seen success in their testing program— their tests of the checkout process revealed to them that they needed to add another checkout button at the top of the mobile cart page, ultimately resulting in an increase in conversion.

All in all, HALL Wine’s implementation of Social Proof and Dynamic Testing to personalize scarcity messaging and cater to a highly discerning customer base led to the following improvements: