GameStop chose Certona for our superior solution, long record of success, and focus on the client.


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Customer ProfileGameStop

GameStop has been a Certona Personalization success story since 2013. Previous to our partnership, the GameStop team was manually merchandising product recommendations, which proved both time consuming and ineffective. Their initial partnership with Certona led to a significant increase in online AOV, with 14% of total online revenue coming through personalized recommendations.

But the world of online commerce does not stand still. And when GameStop made the decision to replatform their ecommerce site in 2019, they had a choice to make: stick with Certona or move to their new ecommerce provider’s out-of-the-box personalization solution.

In the end, GameStop chose to continue its winning partnership with Certona because of our superior solution offering, long record of success, and focus on collaboration and support.

This is one business case that knocked it out of the park. Phenomenal results!

Richard Armour
Senior Director of Multichannel, GameStop

THE Challengeecommerce replatforming

GameStop migrated their ecommerce site to Salesforce Commerce Cloud in 2019. Although SFCC offers an out-of-the-box personalization solution, the GameStop team chose to stay with Certona due to our long-standing relationship, proven track record of support and performance, and robust Online-to-Offline personalization capabilities. Being platform agnostic, it was easy for GameStop and the Certona crew to migrate and re-implemented Personalization on GameStop’s new ecommerce site.

Personalization is at the core of GameStop’s digital strategy, and they needed a partner that could support a wide array of use cases – as well as the ability to connect huge swaths of disparate data sources (online, in store, and omnichannel). Certona was the answer.


Certona quickly tagged and began personalizing the web experience. With best practice guidance from Certona’s team of experts and our easy-to-use experience manager, GameStop was easily able to set up and test a variety of personalization strategies within slots and across personalization containers. They quickly saw positive results and expanded personalization across their site, including their home, category, product, detail,  and cart pages. The results speak for themselves, with the rate of those who interacted with recommendations significantly exceeding those who did not for conversions, items per order, and average order value.

In-Store Personalization

Encouraged by strong web results, GameStop worked with Certona to integrate store data. By capturing loyalty activity to further enhance customer profiles, they were able to create a seamless shopping experience across web and store channels. This allows for personalization, up-sell and cross-sell items to be delivered to web and mobile sites based not only on browse history and behavior, but also store data – and vice versa.

Results and LookingForward

Having completed a successful migration, GameStop and Certona are committed to providing an ever-more engaging and personalized experience for GameStop customers. Plans to expand personalization over the next year include bringing individualized content to customer emails, as well as expanded personalization functionality at the point-of-sale.