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Darn Tough sees 12% Average-Order-Value lift through robust testing & democratized reporting


Benefits of Partnering with Kibo:


increase in Average-Order-Value


increase in New Visitor Conversion Rate


increase in Conversion Rate

Darn Tough Customer Story


Darn Tough Vermont is an American manufacturer of premium, all-weather outdoor and lifestyle socks backed by the industry’s only lifetime guarantee. Darn Tough offers both Specialty and Tactical product lines with a wide variety of products for different sports and weather types that appeal to a wide, diverse, and deeply loyal customer base. In 2019, Darn Tough implemented Kibo Personalization to better navigate today’s customer-first digital realities and to deliver deep and meaningful connections to their customers across all touchpoints.

With its market-leading personalization software, Kibo helped Darn Tough implement a data-driven approach to testing, messaging, and sales-offer creation.

Kibo Personalization’s easy-to-understand test results helped the Darn Tough team not only satisfy customer needs, but also drive the highest business value.

“Kibo Personalization doesn’t just help us sell socks. It helps us improve the entire user experience. It empowers us to improve every customer touchpoint even as we grow as a business.”
— Ryan Dahlstrom, Global Director Digital Commerce at Darn Tough
Darn Tough Customer Story


The Darn Tough team selected Kibo Personalization for its easy-to-use and easy-to-implement platform that includes a host of testing and personalization capabilities and reporting. Because Kibo does not require a technical resource, it allows for more tests and faster time-to-market than other solutions.

Darn Tough wanted to create a culture of experimentation and optimization to their site, using testing and insights from Kibo Personalization across customer experiences to constantly improve performance.

Darn Tough Customer Story


Kibo Personalization proved to be a good choice for the Darn Tough team as they were able to get to work right away, creating, deploying, and analyzing experiences with ease.

“It’s so easy to see and understand the results from what we implemented. Before it was hard to have a conversation when we’re looking at different resources and different data, but with Kibo, it’s so clear, it becomes easy to make the right decision together as a team,” said Casey Morrison, E-Commerce Data Analyst at Darn Tough.

Kibo’s solution also happens to couple an intuitive UI with robust technical documentation and educational webinars, making it very easy for everyone at Darn Tough to pick up the platform and use it to its fullest potential.

Once up to speed, Darn Tough implemented a series of different tests at critical touchpoints, including special offers during the winter holiday season, as well as shipping promotions and new payment options at checkout.

Darn Tough Customer Story


•Darn Tough wanted to encourage add-to-cart with a new offer message at the point of conversion during the holiday season.

•They segmented their traffic and added a short message right below the add-to-cart button on checkout.

•RESULTS: Darn Tough learned that during the winter holiday season, encouraging messaging can have a positive impact on conversions and average order value, with a 12% lift in AOV.

Darn Tough Customer Story


• Darn Tough wanted to customize the messaging on the top bar, which typically reads “spend $50 and shipping is on us.”

• They customized the messaging with an offer that would expire within a set window to add a sense of urgency.

•RESULTS: While tested over a short time frame, new visitor conversion saw an increase. Average Order Value (AOV), revenue per session (RPS) and conversion rate all went up. In sum, Darn Tough learned that they can expect new visitors to be inspired by time-sensitive offers.

Darn Tough Customer Story


• Darn Tough was looking for a more efficient payment process and wanted to offer “accelerated payment gateways” like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

• They put together a Dynamic Test to minimize risk in a critical part of the customer experience while learning the best way to optimize their site, they looked at the difference between offering the new payment checkouts vs. not offering them.

•RESULTS: There was significant lift when offering those new payment options, which helped sell the new processor partner to the Darn Tough finance team, who also needed to sign off on the move.

Setting up the test provided a clean experience for each user and allowed the finance and website team to agree on the right approach to payment processing.

“It’s so easy to see and understand the results from what we implemented. Before it was hard to have a conversation when we’re looking at different resources and different data, but with Kibo, it’s so clear, it becomes easy to make the right decision together as a team.”
— Casey Morrison, E-Commerce Data Analyst at Darn Tough
Darn Tough Customer Story

THE RESULTS: Driving Key Results Through Easy To Use Testing & Personalization

With Kibo Personalization, Darn Tough has developed a scalable testing and personalization strategy by making it easy for key teams to deliver, interpret and iterate experiences.

Darn Tough Customer Story


Based on early results, Darn Tough is certainly prioritizing advanced personalization in their future. The team plans to implement new experiences to increase relevance for every site visitor.

For example, each state in the United States has a different climate and topography, which leads Darn Tough customers to look for different products, from wool ski socks to lighter running socks. Having a visual connection with the imagery and AI-driven product recommendations will further improve the customer and brand connection by delivering the most relevant experience.

“Kibo helps Darn Tough put a level of math and science behind everything we do, so we are confident that we are making the right choices as we create new experiences for our valued customers,” said Casey Morrison.