AMP® Lighting is an ideal example of how savvy businesses are rethinking their model.


AMP® Lighting is an ideal example of how savvy businesses are rethinking their model to better serve consumers and redefine their own success. Their vision was to create a B2B site that would be mutually beneficial to their business users and shoppers alike.

So, who are AMP’s users?

  • The business user is a freelance contractor, a lighting installation professional, who registers with AMP’s website to be paired with folks who need his/her services
  • Customers typically find the AMP site while looking for a wide variety of durable, high-quality lighting products

AMP Lighting creates transformational lighting that satisfies all the safety, security, and beauty needs of nighttime illumination

AMP Professionals


AMP needed to bring these two groups together: the customers in need of lights, and the authorized AMP professionals who, in their own words, “create transformational lighting that satisfies all the safety, security, and beauty needs of nighttime illumination.”

On their new site, products are showcased but purchasing is gated. How does this work?

Well, each lighting specialist is carefully vetted. Once a specialist has been approved, they’re added to AMP’s list. When a shopper wants to buy something from the site, AMP immediately connects them with a specialist in their area who’ll advise them on the products, pricing, design, and installation.

The motivation to provide stellar service is built in! Imagine if every online retailer/merchandiser staked their reputation on their products and their industry associates.

However, the pairing of customers and professionals was only the beginning.


Theirs were unique requests. We approached with the kind of creative yet efficacious thinking that defines Kibo. Here are some of our key solutions for AMP Lighting:

Persistent Shopping Cart

Once the lighting pros add something to their cart, it stays. You can close your browser, lose your wireless connection, close out with a customer, or return to your home office. The cart remains static across devices, which is convenient and functions as an indirect organizational tool.


Mobile plays a huge role in the AMP experience for all their customers. A common scenario would involve an AMP specialist walking through a home or office with their client, using a tablet or other mobile device to:

  • Experiment with design elements (are you King Louis XIV or David Bowie?)
  • Make practical suggestions on placement
  • And strategize on installation

Fortunately, Kibo sites are responsive out of the box. But, what about mobile traffic?

Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are the way that web pages convey their “standard internet address” to search engines. A canonical URL should accurately represent the content found there, while also keeping web crawler preferences in mind.

Ah, the never-ending ping-pong match between business sites and Google’s mysterious SEO predilections.

AMP must be able to compete on search engine rankings for lighting. They might not be as big as some of their competitors, so they differentiate themselves with a little help from their friends at Kibo.

Kibo templates make it easy to generate and use canonical URLs for anything in the catalog or the CMS. AMP now boasts a really efficient website that makes the content about their lighting products more relevant to users—and maximally indexable by search engines.


Echidna is Kibo’s Solutions Integration Partner. Their registration form creates a solid vetting process for their specialists. Each must be approved by someone with AMP. The reg form’s function is important to their mission. This is the first time someone’s extended the basic Kibo reg form into an approval process.

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