Use Growth To Get Back To Business Boost Conversions During Uncertain Times

Maximizing conversions off your current traffic with an optimized customer experience is paramount to thriving in uncertain times.

With digital now inextricably linked to any shopping journey, the need for a polished digital customer experience that adapts to changing behavior and habits has been thrust into the spotlight. Monetate, Kibo's Personalization Solution, can help.

Personalization-powered results Monetate helps brands optimize their sales funnel, leading to an increase in conversions.

% Lift In Conversion Rate

Using testing & experimentation, retailer made small edits to their cart page in 5 minutes, resulting in sizable lift to their conversion rates.
$MM Generated Within 4 Months

Using 1-to-1 personalization, retailer personalized product detail pages through emphasis of various informational elements on the page, based on where customers were in their shopping journey, encouraging purchases.
% Revenue Per Session Within 24 Hours

Using dynamic testing, retailer optimized their homepage hero with imagery befitting a short heat wave.

Optimize The Entire Customer Journey

It’s not just about patching up individual channels, it’s about influencing the entire customer journey. Target more effectively and deliver more compelling experiences that lead to increasing engagement and conversions.

Learn more about the Kibo’s Personalization Solution, powered by Monetate and Certona.

personalization software, personalization technology Data-backed decisions through testing and optimization

Eliminate guesswork and boost ROI with controlled testing of creative, recommendations, messages, UI changes, and more. Launch experiments quickly with A/B, multivariate, and dynamic testing—across all your channels with no coding skills required.

Boost Conversions During Uncertain Times

Resource Conversion Rate Optimization Webinar

Learn how to prepare for a future of evolving customer expectations from Paul Knutton, Global Consulting Practice Director at Monetate, Kerry Meehan, Senior Strategy Consultant at Monetate, and Dave Chaffey, Co-Founder & Content Director for Smart Insights.

Boost Conversions During Uncertain Times

Resource Gartner Recognizes Certona & Monetate As Leading Personalization Engines

Learn what to expect from a modern personalization engine and why Certona & Monetate are recognized as leaders for advanced data-driven personalization and optimization in this report.

Boost Conversions During Uncertain Times

Resource Quick Wins To Maximize Conversion Post-COVID

Kibo put together this playbook of quick wins built for the current environment that will help you drive users down the funnel through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and that will also prepare you for a future of evolving customer expectations.


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