Order Management: Only as Good as Your Inventory Visibility

Order Management: Only as Good as Your Inventory Visibility

Order Management: Only as Good as Your Inventory Visibility

There is nothing easy about inventory management in today’s eCommerce-centric, omnichannel environment.  

Because inventory is segmented across multiple channels and locations, tracking the availability status of items is harder when compared with linear order management, where a single order is relayed to only one fulfillment center. 

In an omnichannel environment, order management systems must track orders across the entire supply chain, considering the available inventory in brick-and-mortar stores, offsite dark stores, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. 

For retailers who want to offer the best online shopping experience, data about an item’s availability status from tracking inventory is used to set pricing, offer promotions, manage scarcity, and to build customer trust by alerting customers to when an item is out of stock. 

But with online shoppers demanding personalized user experiences, especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, having visibility into inventory is crucial. 

So, for retailers in an omnichannel eCommerce world, why is it important for online retailers to have up-to-date insight into their inventory? 

Download this whitepaper by Supply Chain Brain and sponsored by Kibo, to learn: 

  • Why inventory visibility is critical to omnichannel eCommerce 
  • The benefits of real-time inventory data across channels 
  • How brands can improve inventory visibility 
  • The merits of a unified solution to streamline omnichannel order and inventory management 
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Whitepaper: Order Management: Only as Good as Your Inventory Visibility

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