Manufacturers: Here’s How ARI and Kibo’s New eCommerce Solution Can Increase Your Profits

Manufacturers: Here’s How ARI and Kibo’s New eCommerce Solution Can Increase Your Profits

Manufacturers: Here’s How ARI and Kibo’s New eCommerce Solution Can Increase Your Profits

Imagine for a moment that you’re an appliance repairman, trying to get through the last of your service requests before taking off a couple much-needed days for the holidays. You’re on your last refrigerator of the day, a simple part replacement, when suddenly you realize—you completely forgot to order the part you need.

You know that without a Christmas miracle you’re going to have to wait a few days for the part to come in, which means you’ll have a very un-merry customer on your hands. But what choice do you have? You go online to place your order.

You’re pleased to discover the refrigerator’s manufacturer lists its parts inventory online, so you can quickly find and select the part you need. But when you add it to your cart, you see something even more unexpected. You must have been very good this year—your part is available to pick up today from a store down the street. Your holidays (and your customers) are saved!

Kibo has announced a partnership with software provider ARI that will enable us to deliver this type of convenience to customers of dealers, manufacturers, and distributors in industries including marine equipment, power sports, appliances, medical equipment, and others.

This powerful eCommerce solution, which is already driving sales for Honda Engine and other manufacturers, combines ARI’s parts lookup application with Kibo’s ship-from-store and in-store pickup solutions, providing a few key benefits for manufacturers:

1. More Easily Compete with Online Retailers Like Amazon

Manufacturers face a multitude of technological and logistical challenges when it comes to building online shopping channels. The ARI/Kibo solution combines some of the best eCommerce tools in the business to ensure your customers find what they want, when they want it, and how they want.

2. Simplify Shopping

ARI’s illustrated parts lookup application easily integrates with your existing website and ordering system to provide consumers an easy-to-use, visually driven shopping experience to identify, price, and order replacement and aftermarket parts online.

3. Expedite Fulfillment

You can increase online sales with an endless aisle while eliminating potential out-of-stock situations when you provide customers with a real-time view of inventory available at any of your retail storefront or distribution centers.

  • Ship-From-Store: Increase sales without inventory costs and provide a better shopping experience by fulfilling online orders with inventory already on the shelves of local dealers.
  • In-Store Pickup: Offer online shoppers the convenient option of picking up orders from their local dealer store, using either in-store inventory or ship-to-store fulfillment.

We look forward to helping you through the process of integrating this new solution and can’t wait to hear your success stories in the coming months. To find out more about ARI-Kibo eCommerce, call us at 1-877-350-3866.

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