Kibo Receives Highest Ranking for B2C Digital Commerce Use Case in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Report 

Kibo Receives Highest Ranking for B2C Digital Commerce Use Case in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Report 

Kibo Receives Highest Ranking for B2C Digital Commerce Use Case in Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Report 

We’re thrilled to announce that Kibo ranked highest for B2C Digital Commerce Use Case in the August 2022 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Platforms report! 

Gartner releases the Critical Capabilities report to help organizations build a shortlist of vendors to assess based on critical capabilities for their use case. In the report, vendors receive scores for each critical capability category, and Gartner ranks vendors for each use case based on their weighted critical capabilities’ score. 

In the report, Gartner pointed out that, “By 2024, the IT costs of managing SaaS operations will be halved as a result of the adoption of composable application architectures.” Kibo’s composable commerce platform is part of this discussion as retailers and merchandisers actively make the move from headless, to modular, to a composable commerce approach. 

For retailers, composable commerce—a term coined by Gartner—refers to the ability to easily piece together different commerce capabilities to create a unique customer experience and future-proof their commerce functionality. 

Gartner introduced the concept of composable commerce in a 2020 report which emphasized the importance of adopting modular architecture that enabled commerce systems to be more flexible, scalable, and plug-and-playable.  

With composable commerce, modifications to your commerce system can include adding new features and functions, connecting to new channels or marketplaces, and removing outdated systems. 

As part of its evaluation, Gartner highlighted Kibo’s full suite of modules and microservices with order management and personalization, as well as our prebuilt API-first storefront accelerators (for B2C and B2B), which include a business user-facing “site builder” and a subscription management solution.  

Kibo ranked second for B2C and B2B Digital Commerce on the Same Platform Use Case, and highly for B2B Digital Commerce and Composable Commerce Use Cases. Additionally, Kibo scored well in the Critical Capability categories of Agility, Composability, and Core Commerce. 

Read the report to learn: 

  • Why Kibo ranked joint first for the B2C Digital Commerce Use Case after being evaluated by analysts based on product functionality. 
  • How to use Gartner Critical Capabilities to determine which vendors are the best match to achieve your commerce goals. 
  • Why business leaders are considering a composable approach for digital commerce and why Kibo ranked highly for the Composable Commerce Use Case.

Get your complimentary copy here.

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