Holiday Report Guides Retailers Through an Uncertain Q4

August 6, 2020
holiday guide 2020

The 2020 Guide to Holiday Commerce is a holiday report that offers unique insights into important customer segments and provides retailers with a roadmap for holiday preparedness across personalization, ecommerce, and fulfillment.

When refining your holiday strategy this summer, this roadmap will ensure that retailers capture customer demand successfully, no matter what the holiday season looks like this year.

Through the holiday report, retailers will learn more about how to:

Know your business, know your customers: Retailers will learn the best way to gather insights from their business and customers to drive blended goals that make customers happy and improve performance.

Prep your online store: With ecommerce playing a bigger role this year for many retailers, the report shares details about how to be ready by preparing operations to manage spikes in traffic. 

Offer safe offline fulfillment: The report shares information about popular order fulfillment options like “buy online, pickup at curb” (also known as BOPAC) and how to deliver a variety of choices to maximize customer orders.

Create a unified experience: Retailers can learn how to use personalization to create a seamless customer experience online, and guide customers through a multichannel experience easily.

holiday report 2020

Additionally, research in the The 2020 Guide to Holiday Commerce shows that the segment of shoppers that were new holiday customers the year before is likely to spend more this holiday season upon returning. This segment, “new holiday customers last year,” or retained holiday shoppers, could easily be rolled into a general “new customer” segment, but that would be a mistake as they convert at a far higher clip than new or recently returning customers.

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Compared to all returning visitors, “new holiday customers last year” are more than 120% more valuable than the average returning visitor when they navigate directly to the site. The guide notes that the segment is easily identifiable, and the perfect candidate for personalized messaging.

holiday report

When thinking of the months ahead, it’s best to keep in mind that customers will need added help and guidance this season. Already a stressful occasion, holiday shopping conducted in the shadow of COVID will bring added stress and frustration to your customers (and associates). This is where a unified commerce experience (across order management, ecommerce, and personalization) that is personalized to individual customer needs and intents can make a world of difference, and drive much-needed revenue.