Gartner’s Take on Retail Distributed Order Management

March 10, 2020

Retailers have expanded their shopping services dramatically, making order management and fulfillment more complicated. Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) requires real time inventory management across online and store locations. A promise of free overnight shipping has prompted the rise of more regional distribution centers (DCs) which increase logistical complexity. Personalized subscription services like StitchFix have increased customer expectations for streamlined buy-and-return.

We’re excited to share a new Gartner report that addresses these retail order management challenges and offers some advice for getting started. Gartner recommends that retailers need distributed retail order management (DOM) technology that can centralize, evaluate, and manage a vast array of data inputs across physical and online locations, and also manage complex rules across the retailers internal and external network. This works best when all fulfillment locations are included in the DOM strategy.

Find a Common DOM Goal

Gartner recommends that retailers first come together internally to define their specific DOM needs based on pain points across data, rules, and fulfillment locations. 

  • Gather Data: In order to best prepare for DOM selection and onboarding, it’s also important for retailers to identify all data gathering that needs to happen, as well as any data that’s necessary for success, but isn’t currently captured. 
  • Configure Rules: Gartner advises retailers to be realistic about what they can achieve based on what DOM platforms can do. The report provides a helpful outline of configurable rules that can act as a framework in this process. Elements like order orchestration, order fulfillment, back orders, and returns management all require rules configuration that can work for a wide variety of customer use cases.
  • Add fulfillment locations: A DOM strategy works best when all locations are included to keep inventory accurate and up-to-date. These include stores, distribution centers, third party providers, and any other relevant location.

Kibo Delivers Retail Distributed Order Management

55% of consumers will switch retailers if their preferred order fulfillment option isn’t available.

Today’s customer journey takes many twists and turns, and Kibo ensures that retailers always stay one step ahead. It’s important for retailers to have a partner that offers an open and flexible solution that can grow along with the business and keep customers coming back. Kibo Order Management helps retailers streamline store and fulfillment operations and equip store associates, fulfillment partners, and customer service teams with easy-to-use tools. With these tools, they can assist customers across channels and access cross-channel inventory, as well as order and customer data, in real time.

Streamline fulfillment operations without sacrificing your ability to pivot and react to changing conditions with an order routing engine that is built on a BPM platform with configurable rules and workflows. Role-based UIs and Mobile Point of Service tools empower your store teams to fulfill orders, adjust order routing rules, and quickly react to changing conditions in real time.

Here are some of the features that make Kibo’s Personalized Commerce Cloud Platform so valuable for today’s retailers:

GLOBAL INVENTORY VISIBILITY: View accurate, real-time global inventory across all locations and channels

OMNICHANNEL FULFILLMENT: Deploy convenient fulfillment options including BOPIS, ship-to-home, drop ship, and more

BPM ENGINE: Define custom business rules, workflows, and fulfillment states

INTELLIGENT ORDER ROUTING: Automate routing decisions that optimize for factors such as cost and service levels

CATALOG MANAGEMENT: Manage and update product data across channels from a single admin

ROLE-BASED INTERFACES: Adjust to changing conditions in just a few clicks with dedicated UIs

CROSS-CHANNEL SALES: Capture and manage online, offline, and cross-channel orders, including returns

MOBILE POINT OF SERVICE: Capture payments, fulfill orders, and assist customers from anywhere

ANYWHERE RETURNS: Accept and manage returns at any location, regardless of where the order was placed

CONTINUOUS RELEASES: Automatic and backward compatible feature releases and security updates

With Kibo, you can confidently meet growth goals and customer expectations across channels without compromising performance, security, or scale.

Ask us about how you can increase your order management capabilities today.