As the World Reopens, CPG Marketers Can Prepare to Face New Challenges With Kibo’s CPG Guide

May 21, 2020

All 50 states are now in some stage of gradual re-opening, with many countries around the world in various stages of the pandemic themselves. This complexity makes it critical for CPG companies to take a more active role in the communication that their customers receive about their brand and products. To help CPG and other food & beverage companies ensure the best possible communication with customers throughout the coming months, Kibo has created a CPG Guide with key challenges to consider and winning solutions to employ.

The crisis has opened the door for consumers to consider new brands, new products, and new ways of purchasing such as direct from CPG brands online. While economic recovery is likely to happen slowly, now is the time for CPG brands to react quickly, shoring up strategies to capture new market demand and keep customers coming back with personalized communications that deliver real business value.

Read about how to solve for some key CPG challenges below, or download our complete guide.

Challenge: On-Premise Sales Decline

As people remain at home during the cautious reopening, CPG, food & beverage brands that rely on venues like restaurants, bars, and event venues don’t have the same opportunities for direct sales and brand experiences. Therefore, now is the time for creative promotions online as well as personalized content. From recipes based on recent purchase behaviors to hosting virtual events sponsored by alcohol brands, there are plenty of new ways to interact with consumers while capturing insights and data at the same time. Read more about how to respond to on-premise sales declines here.

Challenge: Backseat Messaging

CPG brands sell through a vast network of retailers that have often been a big part of the customer experience with the brand. From circulars to in-store signage, CPG marketers and brands often have to rely on less interactive and personalized marketing tactics to reach their customers. However, with millions of customers now searching for and buying CPG products online, companies have an opportunity to use that new data to create direct and proactive digital marketing strategies that can increase their interaction with customers and drive long-term loyalty. Read more here.

Challenge: Sudden Influx of Online Demand

Speaking of new demand—marketing is only one challenge CPG companies face. Many brands are also working around the clock to turn that demand into online opportunity. Companies like Pepsi Co. have spun up D2C-style websites to sell goods to their customers directly. To do this well, brands need to follow many of the practices the best-performing D2C companies already have in place. Continue reading more about D2C best practices here.