Buy Online Pickup In Store Mystery Shopping Study Results are In!

Buy Online Pickup In Store Mystery Shopping Study Results are In!

Buy Online Pickup In Store Mystery Shopping Study Results are In!

When it comes to satisfying consumer fulfillment expectations, the ability to buy online and pickup in store ranks near the top of the list. In fact, two-thirds (67%) of shoppers said that while they welcome the convenience of shopping online, sometimes it is just easier/more efficient to have the product sent to a physical store for pickup.1

A win-win strategy for all involved, in-store pickup helps shoppers get their products quickly and on their schedule, while eliminating shipping expenses and driving in-store sales for retailers. But this increasingly popular fulfillment method requires sophisticated coordination between retailers’ commerce technology and store associates, making it challenging to implement and maintain.

So if buy online pickup in store is one of the cornerstones of omnichannel retailing, are retailers meeting expectations? To be more specific, who is actually offering in-store pickup as a fulfillment option, and more importantly, who is offering it well?

We decided to find out. Kibo commissioned the e-tailing group and Multichannel Merchant to assist us with a buy online, pickup in store mystery shopping study that would shed light on the consumer experience, while providing insight and recommendations for today’s multichannel retailer on succeeding with this coveted omnichannel fulfillment strategy.

In this one-of-a-kind study, we took a look at 85 metrics for an end-to-end in-store pickup evaluation, from purchase to wait to time to associate interaction to signage (and everything in between). How did the study’s 30 omnichannel retailers perform? What elements of the process were consistent between all 30 merchants (in-store pickup must-have requirements) and what areas could the retailers improve?

In this report, learn from the best on how to satisfy today’s consumer, while also gathering tips and tricks on areas where you can outshine the leaders.  The report includes:

  • Study results through the four phases of the study: Mobile app purchase, check-out process, post-purchase communication and the in-store experience
  • In-store pickup requirements and recommendations on where you can improve
  • Report card to help rate your business’s in-store pickup strengths and weaknesses

Whether you already offer an in-store pickup offering, or are considering implementing one, download this study to find out how 30 leading retailers stacked up to customer expectations and how you can leverage their best practices.

Download the study here.

1: The e-tailing group 2015 Omnichannel Research

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