Message From Our CEO: Kibo Business Continuity Amid COVID-19

March 23, 2020
business continuity

Dear Clients and Partners,

I am writing to share how Kibo Commerce has prepared for, and is responding to, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize that Kibo solutions are mission critical to your operations.  I want to reassure you that we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure our, and your business, remain fully functional in the event the COVID-19 impact continues to grow.  As the severity of the situation increases, the Kibo team is focused on meeting the needs of our clients, and their customers, while prioritizing the safety of our employees.

Even as normal face-to-face interactions may be limited or altered to protect employees from health risks, our ability and desire to serve clients remains unchanged. Kibo is a modern technology company with a robust infrastructure and a flexible work environment:

  • We are actively executing against our business continuity plans created for these types of situations.  We continue to monitor the situation and are proactively adjusting our processes to ensure that we are fully supporting our clients.  Please be advised that a member of the Kibo team may reach out to you to check in on how market dynamics are impacting your business and how we can best adjust our processes to support you.
  • Our technology platforms are high-availability and cloud-native, which will enable them to remain fully operational in light of current circumstances.  We are well-positioned to meet the omnichannel needs of our clients to support them in the changing retail environment driven by the current health crisis.  As customer buying preferences evolve, our team is available to advise on how best to leverage Kibo functionality to sustain your business.
  • In support of public health initiatives, we have mandated a remote, work-from-home policy for our employee base to encourage social distancing.  Due to our existing global and remote footprint, we are moving into this approach relatively smoothly.  Our infrastructure and virtual meeting capabilities are already in place and fully able to scale to meet this alternate working approach, and I do not anticipate any impact to our client engagement or responsiveness to your needs.

The continuity of your business remains of the utmost importance to all of us at Kibo, and it is in our collective best interest to keep Kibo employees healthy and out of harm’s way. We will remain focused on both objectives as we continue to monitor and navigate the COVID-19 situation moving forward. I appreciate your flexibility as the situation progresses. Any pertinent information affecting the operation of our business will be communicated to you in a transparent and timely manner.


David Post, Chief Executive Officer 
Kibo Commerce