Kibo Clients Saw 81% Increase in Ecommerce Sales During Black Friday Weekend

December 3, 2020
black friday weekend cyber 5 sales ecommerce

Today, we announced ecommerce sales results from the 2020 Black Friday weekend (now called Cyber 5). The metrics included here span the 5-day window, from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday. To no one’s surprise, our clients experienced huge growth in online sales.

Every retailer has weathered a very unusual 2020. Depressed offline sales, shifts to new online behaviors, stock outs, and supply chain disruptions have impacted business operations. With so much riding on Q4 2020, many retailers shifted their Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions to much earlier in the season. And our numbers show that a lot of consumers took advantage of these early sales. With all of these dynamics in mind, eMarketer forecast that Cyber 5 weekend would increase its share of the total sales pie to more than 20% with total online sales up more than 39%.

In fact, our personalization clients saw their ecomm revenue increase 81%. Revenue amounted to $261 million in 2019 and a whopping $473 million in this one. And, total purchases of a recommended product went up 86% globally in 2020 from 2019 in the same time period. Many of our U.S. clients saw conversion rates and uniques stay steady, but globally, there was growth in both. 

Kibo found these additional trends that drove growth during the 2020 Thanksgiving holiday weekend: 

  • Total number of purchases of a recommended product increased year over year from 3.5 million to 6.5 million 
  • Average Order Value (AOV) on desktop in the United States grew $19 year over year from $183 to $202
  • Total sessions increased 67% year over year

Overall, our clients managed a near doubling in volume online. Ecommerce has become a much more significant channel for a wide variety of retail categories. These are categories that once focused much more heavily on in-store sales. Everything from grocery to luxury found that personalization and omnichannel agility were important factors in capturing new online demand.

Black Friday weekend 2020 cyber 5 ecommerce

Mobile Is a Global Conversion-Driver

Our Black Friday Weekend, funnel metrics saw a boost in the UK and globally (in this case, the definition for ‘global’ includes all clients outside of the United States and the United Kingdom). Meanwhile, the United States stayed relatively steady year over year. In fact, total visitors across all regions went up 19.47% in 2020.

Mobile was a bright spot in particular as millions more people turned to their smartphones for shopping.

  • Global mobile unique visitors went up by 12% year over year
  • Global mobile conversion rate surged 29% year over year

Kibo Clients Increase Their Use of Advanced Techniques

It’s encouraging to see an uptick in the use of ecommerce and personalization experiences across Cyber 5. Our clients were proactive in using Kibo to provide relevant experiences, drive product recommendations, and deliver more streamlined ecommerce. 

In particular, Kibo clients increased their use of Auto Personalization Experiences, which provide one-to-one personalization for site visitors, and likely helped increase conversion as a result. We saw an increase in the United States, the United Kingdom, and globally.

Other techniques that saw a boost in 2020 include split tests, control tests, and segmentation. This happened especially in the UK and globally, where retailers are increasing their sophistication as more customers shop online.

Overall, ecommerce was a bright spot for many of our retailers this Black Friday Weekend. And we’re excited to see the many innovative approaches they’ve taken to make the most of this strange year. From more agile testing to deeper personalization, the insights we’ve gained this Q4 will set us up well for 2021. Because even when life goes “back to normal,” customers will continue to expect unified, personalized online experiences.