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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Kibo Summit 2018


Kibo Summit 2018 is right around the corner! This must-attend event for Kibo customers will be held May 15-17, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Kibo Summit features three full days of networking, education, insight, and inspiration.


Attendees can look forward to:

1. Meeting with executives and product managers face-to-face.

The Kibo staff will be there in full force, and we can’t wait to chat with you, get to know you better, and learn how we can serve you better.

2. Product workshops and thought provoking sessions.

We have targeted deep-dive workshops for each of our industry-leading products. Have questions? We have the answers. Learn about new ways to use your product, share best practices with peers, and ensure you are getting the maximum value out of your investment in Kibo’s commerce platform.

In addition to product-specific content, you can choose your favorite informative and thought leadership sessions including topics like:

– Practical Applications of AI in the Retail Sector

– Turning Merchandising Metrics into Action

– Going Direct Isn’t Enough. You Can Offer Same Day Pick Up from Any Store!

– Innovating in a Search First World

3. Networking and roundtables.

Engage with peers and experts on topics that matter, ranging from holiday readiness to technology and integrations. Gain insights, inspiration, and hear success stories from peers on what they are doing to thrive in a complex retail environment — all in a casual, collaborative environment.

4. Uncovering Kibo’s ecosystem.

As part of the Kibo family, your reach extends beyond your organization. Uncover opportunities by tapping into Kibo’s vast ecosystem of technology, implementation, and development partners to help your omnichannel initiative. Our popular Partner Showcase session will give you the introduction you need to our best of breed partner programs. Don’t miss it.

5. Nashville, Tennessee.

Enjoy Spring in “Music City” with Kibo. Business Insider and Travelocity name Nashville as a city you must visit in 2018. This friendly and beautiful city on the Cumberland River has no shortage of things to do, eat, and see. Music Row, the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame, Johnny Cash Museum, Honky Tonk Highway and more are all situated close to Kibo Summit headquarters in Midtown Nashville. Nashville will be the perfect backdrop as we discuss ways to amplify your commerce in 2018!


Want to learn more about Kibo Summit 2018? Visit our registration page today!

The Case Of The Missing Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel is the goal, but where do retailers stand?

As the industry starts to focus more on how omnichannel technology influences the customer experience, it’s become important to see how far retailers have come, and where they currently stand.

View this infographic to explore what you might be missing from your current omnichannel strategy in regards to:

  • Fulfillment and Inventory
  • Personalization
  • Price Consistancy
  • In-Store Signage


The State of Omnichannel Commerce, Omnichannel Strategy

buy online pickup in-store, bopis

3 ways BOPIS can boost your business

Buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) is nothing new, but just recently Walmart announced it would be changing the face of its offering by running exclusive discounts for customers who collect their items. ‘Pickup Discount’ will be available on more than a million items by the end of June, offering savings of around $50 on a $1,700 4K TV, for example.

Walmart clearly understands the benefit BOPIS can bring for both retailer and customer and is taking steps to encourage consumers towards the fulfillment option. With this in mind, we take a look at why BOPIS is such an important fulfillment option.

BOPIS increases customer satisfaction

With time in increasingly short supply for most of us, the more convenient a retail experience, the better. Having multiple fulfillment options in retail is a convenience customers have come to expect. They want to be able to choose how to receive their goods based on their plans that week, cost and how soon they need the item. Choice is so important that 66% of people surveyed for Kibo’s Consumer Trends Report said multiple fulfillment options influences them to complete a purchase.

Get it right and consumers will come back for more – almost half (49%) of the respondent’s from the Consumer Trends Report said they will remain loyal to a retailer if BOPIS is available.

Increase your sales with BOPIS

Although a huge part of implementing a BOPIS function is to provide customers with the most convenient buying cycle possible, it also provides additional revenue opportunities.

Walmart’s new ‘Pickup Discount’ capability drives traffic instore, making the physical store the hub for its entire retail operation. But it’s not as easy just implementing BOPIS and sitting back, the entire user journey must be considered. This includes considering the store layout and empowering staff to make it as easy and as tempting as possible for consumers to purchase additional products.

To ensure you get the most out of this revenue opportunity, equip your sales associates with a mobile point of sale (mPOS). Implementing mPOS technology encourages your staff to go that extra mile as they can offer details on additional products and a tailored service based on the particular customer. We found that 84% of consumers were influenced to make a purchase when store associates were equipped this, and nearly three quarters (74%) expect store associates to have access to their customer history when visiting in store. When customer satisfaction is a key differentiator in the retail space, this is one improvement that can make a big difference to the bottom line of the store.

Save delivery costs for you and your customers

The ‘last mile’ is one of the biggest and most costly challenges in retail. BOPIS makes the ‘last mile challenge’ obsolete and saves businesses 28% of overall delivery costs, according to DynamicAction.

Consumers recognise there is a clear benefit too. In addition to the discounts applied to goods by Walmart, consumers have the opportunity to save on shipping costs when they choose BOPIS. This is a big factor for many consumers and it seems they don’t mind going that ‘last mile’ to the store if it means saving on shipping costs. In a recent Kibo study of 3,000 consumers, low shipping cost was actually the number one reason for using BOPIS.

In addition to these benefits for both parties, on a wider scale BOPIS is proven to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, especially within cities where people get products delivered to their office. Consumers do of course still have to go to the store, but if this is on the way home or tied in with another trip, it reduces the number of vehicles overall.

There are many advantages to implementing, or improving on your BOPIS function. Not only is it incredibly convenient as it allows customers to order their items and receive them that same day. It creates upsell opportunities by bringing customers in-store, and provides a solution for the ‘last mile’ challenge. But largely, it is a differentiator in what is a very competitive market. Walmart has clearly recognized these benefits and is taking steps to ensure BOPIS becomes its customers’ fulfillment option of choice. The big question is, will other retailers follow in their footsteps or get left behind?

retail trends expected by consumers

5 Retail Trends Now Expected by Consumers


Today’s shoppers are mobile. They are deeply involved on social networks. They are constantly connected on and distracted by multiple screens, while their daily lives at home, at work and at school are constantly on-the-go.

This is a radically-different consumer environment than a decade ago, before Facebook, Twitter, iPhones and Androids flooded the landscape. These days, you won’t find customers of all ages easy to reach through network television advertising. Shoppers are no longer tied to their desktops or tethered to their local brick-and-mortar store. Consumers want what they want, when they want it — and typically they want it now.

These changes are rocking retail to the core. So, it’s no surprise that forward-thinking retailers are now working overtime to keep up with their rapidly-changing customers. Those that do this well will be the ones that succeed and grow with exciting and expanded opportunities.

Those that don’t? Well, they may be left in the dust. Here are five top trends that are shape-shifting retail right now:


1. Retail customers want it their way — personalized and customized.

No longer are shoppers willing to settle for what everyone else has and what everyone else gets. Instead, customers expect increasingly personalized communications — through ads, online recommendations and email marketing — as well as customized purchase options. For example, online retailer Stitch Fix is a service that offers personal styling for affordable prices. Sportswear retailer PUMA provides a wealth of customized jersey options. And retailers such as Pepe Jeans are offering customized options and virtual shopping services.



2. A seamless customer experience is becoming retail table-stakes.

Shoppers no longer distinguish between channels when it comes to their purchase process. Whether it is on mobile, in-store or online, they want their experience to be equally quick, easy and integrated. This is a tough challenge for retailers, however, who have to overcome big supply chain and technological obstacles to make this expectation a reality. In fact, according to Accenture, there are clearly gaps between consumer expectations and the ability of retailers to deliver what customers want — such as anytime, anywhere fulfillment and a consistent cross-device experience.

3. Social is becoming about shopping — not just sharing.

Retailers have long used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to share information about new products, sales and to improve communication with customers. Now, however, social is becoming about actual purchases, not just sharing. EMarketer recently found that “Buy” buttons are becoming more commonplace, with all the major social networks implementing them in some way. While so far fewer than half of retailers are using the “Buy” buttons, it’s clear that they are intrigued — and experimenting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, among others.

4. Shoppers crave instant gratification.

Companies such as Uber, GrubHub and Amazon have entirely changed the shopping game by offering customers new ways to get what they want, faster. Want a car at the corner in a couple of minutes, rather than hailing a taxi? No problem. Want to order your meal online and have it delivered pronto? Sure. How about delivery of anything, anywhere, at your fingertips? Of course. As consumer thinking about service changes, retailers of all stripes are feeling the pressure to step up and are working to embrace strategies and technologies that help them, literally, deliver the goods.

5. Consumers want to shop easily on mobile.

Mobile commerce is gaining serious momentum: According to Internet Retailer’s 2016 Mobile 500 study, in 2015 US mobile commerce sales grew to 30% of total e-commerce sales, or a whopping $104 billion. Consumers want their mobile shopping journey to be as straightforward as it is on the desktop or in the brick-and-mortar store — with responsive sites, speedy page-loading and easy product discoverability. However, so far retailers have not been able to rise to that challenge when it comes to actually getting to the path-to-purchase finish line on mobile. In fact, only 42 percent of shoppers found it easy to complete a purchase using a mobile device, according to Accenture.

Holiday Gift Guide

Kibo’s First Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Inspired by the holiday season and our amazing customers, we have pulled gift ideas straight from their eCommerce sites and compiled them here in our first annual Holiday Gift Guide for easy reference. We love the opportunity to share our favorite gifts of the season.

As a bonus, almost every retailer listed below is offering discounts on purchases. Go make spirits bright.

G.H. Bass & Co.
’Tis the season for rain, snow, ice and the inevitable slush, and unfortunately you can’t hibernate all winter. Enter the perfect winter boot, one that can take you to work or to the Christmas tree farm in warm, waterproof style.


It seems as though every adult female is over the moon regarding the Gilmore Girls reboot, and if you happen to have a Gilmore Girls fan in your life, consider gifting them a mug from Luke’s Diner. Not a Gilmore fan? No problem. The WB Shop holds perfect gifts for any WB fandom. Consider this Batman clock, Hogwarts varsity jacket, or a phone case featuring Middle-earth.


YLANG 23 is a treasure trove of gorgeous and unique designer jewelry pieces. If you or someone you love has all the traditional diamond studs they need, then look to Melissa Joy Manning’s Herkimer Diamond Bezel Wrapped Studs for a cool, beautiful, and empowering take on the traditional diamond stud.


Perfect for the casual or professional photographer or any photography gear geeks in your life, the Ricoh brand has cameras that work for anyone. Our two giftable favorites are the Pentax Q-S1 for the seriously fashionable photographer, and the new Ricoh WG-M2 for thrill seekers who want to re-live every thrill.


Learning Resources 
This fun and interactive game makes the concepts of coding accessible to children. The Code & Go™ Robot Mouse Activity Set provides hands on learning perfect for a child on your gift list. Ages five and up.


Helzberg Diamonds
Nothing says class like a fine watch, and this one by Movado adds instant class to any style. This watch is one of our favorites from Helzberg Diamond’s extensive selection of watches and jewelry.


The tool (or toy!) on everyone’s wish list is a drone. No matter if your gift recipient is young or old, everyone finds joy in a drone. Used for work or recreation, the Mota Pro Live 5000 Drone is our pick for guaranteed excitement come Christmas morning.


Honey Baked Ham
Sometimes the right present for a distant relative comes in the form of a thoughtful and delicious gift basket. The Malibu Gift Basket With Ham is just the thing to spread a little holiday cheer to relatives far and wide.


Urban Barn 
Family knows family best. This cheeky decorative wooden sign is sure to elicit laughs from the gift receiver and bring joy every time it’s seen.


Griots Garage
This liquid gloss poly wax offers durable paint protection for your car. Perfect for any car enthusiast!  My father would be ecstatic if I gave him this gift but my mother would be offended if I gave her the gift of work. Gift wisely, friends.


Don’t let wires get in your way. Opt for Bluetooth headphones this holiday season. Featured prominently on many a wish list, Bluetooth is the wave of the future. This pair by Klipsch offers superior sound thanks to Klipsch’s Balanced Dynamic driver technology which decreases distortion and delivers the most authentic bass ever heard in an over-ear headphone.


Company C
The end of the year always marks a time for a linen refresh, and Company C has amazing, high quality options with gorgeous design. We love this 100% organic cotton sateen sheet set featuring painterly blossoms.


Destination Maternity 
Diapering should be the responsibility of each parent, and this diaper bag seriously evens out the style playing field. Functional and sleek, any parent would be pleased to carry this backpack.


FleetFeet Sports
FleetFeet is a welcoming environment where fitness enthusiasts of all abilities receive unparalleled service and support. It’s a great place to find the perfect pair of shoes, but athletic shoes can be a bit tricky to gift at the holidays. That being said, our number one gift from FleetFeet this season is the TriggerPoint GRID 2.0 Foam Roller. This foam roller has a three-dimensional surface which allows tissue to aerate while you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygen—the nutrients needed to repair muscles. Give the gift of health this season.


World Market
World market has a world of products, any of which would make an excellent gift this holiday season. But today we wanted to share with you a little secret: The World Market Blog. Impeccably styled and written, the blog will be your source for holiday inspiration and brilliance. Get the recipe for Eggnog Custard Pie, discover napkin folding tutorials, and read up on tips to create the perfect cheese and appetizer plate.


Title Nine
Don’t let the weather force you inside all winter. Get out and have some fun in this warm sweater. Soft yet protective, this Merino wool blend is just the ticket for outdoor adventures this season.


Enesco is a leading giftware company, so naturally it made our gift list. One of our favorite items is under the Gund umbrella, and it is the Itty Bitty Boo Rex, a plush toy replica of Boo (the world’s cutest dog) wearing a T-Rex costume. Enesco also has a wealth of Christmas decorations, for gifting or keeping!



Every obsessed pet owner probably has toys and treats galore for their pup. Bring on more tail wagging this holiday season when you give your pups this cold-weather parka to make the out-of-doors a little more comfortable.


BONUS! Our favorite stocking stuffers from Kibo customers:

Jelly Belly
Place some fun and spice in the stocking this year with the unique flavors of Jelly Belly. The BeanBoozled® Naughty or Nice limited edition packs are sure to blow the socks off the recipient. And speaking of power, the Tabasco dark chocolate covered jelly beans are a delicious, spicy, and powerful treat.


Tuck an eyeshadow palette into the stocking this year! This palette by Sigma offers three looks in one palette: neutral, bold, and smokey.


My M&Ms
Wow them and show them how much you care with personalized M&Ms! Initials, dates, inside jokes — make it how you want it at My M&Ms.


Add a little whimsy to winter with these sweet kitty gloves.


Another bonus (we can’t stop!)

The countdown to Christmas is almost on, and what better way to count down than with an advent calendar? Bronners has quite the collection of advent calendars, ranging in price and theme. While you are there, look around the site a little– they have an enormous selection of Christmas decorations, sure to get you into the holiday spirit.