Core Commerce for B2B Commerce

Kibo B2B Commerce’s out-of-the-box capabilities help you nimbly create meaningful digital commerce experiences at scale.

Emulate offline B2B relationships with customized ecommerce experiences that create frictionless relationships between you and the customers you serve.

What Kibo’s Core Commerce for B2B Can Do For You

Core Commerce for B2B Commerce

Site Builder & Content Management

Make rapid changes to your website with a built-in CMS & CDN, intuitive import/export tool, and a WYSIWYG editor, all without the need for IT. Publish live landing pages, target promotions, and launch new products all from the same simple interface, reducing campaign cycles from months to minutes. Manage multiple sites from the same console to quickly personalize and tailor your brand experience for different industries, channels, and customer segments.

Core Commerce for B2B Commerce

Advanced Catalog Management

B2B products can be complex to manage, with large, multi-product portfolios that are knit together into an integrated offering. With Kibo, you can streamline your merchandising and catalog management by easily uploading and configuring products from a single platform. Quickly upload information once from your existing systems and then create, manage, and update product data across all sites, stores, channels & locations from a single dashboard. Manage multiple catalogs, custom attributes, variants, and restrictions across all your sites.

Core Commerce for B2B Commerce

International Support

In today’s global market, businesses need the ability to expand their operations across the world. Kibo provides you with the ability to expand your footprint globally, increasing your sales and operational efficiencies. We support multiple currencies and languages per site and allow you to implement tooling to better support international tax requirements, enabling you to reduce development required to support different currencies for your B2B business.

Core Commerce for B2B Commerce

Reach More Customers
B2C + B2B All In One Platform

Kibo’s B2C and B2B platforms are not separate products. We enable management of both sides of your business from a single platform, letting you create & manage product data across sites, channels, and stores to improve efficiencies & reduce costs to serve multiple sales channels.

Core Commerce for B2B Commerce

Technical Details

  • Kibo Marketplace for integration with 3rd-party services
  • Accessible Arc.js framework to develop custom applications
  • Kibo open-source SDKs to code in your preferred language
  • Kibo Dev Center for developers to manage Kibo assets
  • API-first architecture built to integrate in your tech stack
  • Microservices model for flexible deployment and scaling
  • Multitenant cloud hosting for automatic, hassle-free updates