Personalize the post-click experience Maximize the value
of your ad spend

With personalization from Monetate, Kibo empowers retailers to break down traditional silos between marketing and advertising—and bridge the gap between the pre- and post-click experiences.


Connect targeted advertising with personalized onsite experiences

Create a more frictionless customer experience with our new audience creation tool, AdLink, which unifies your advertising and marketing channels in one integrated platform.

Monetate pulls data from Google, Facebook, and other paid media sources to create automated audience segments. These segments can then be used by marketers to efficiently personalize onsite experiences for traffic from paid media campaigns.

Reclaim the post-click experience

95-98% of paid ad clicks fail to convert.

AdLink pulls data from paid advertising sources into the Monetate platform and enables marketers to create and target audiences for personalized post-click experiences across the site. By managing these two sections of the customer journey in tandem, marketers can ensure that consumers remain engaged and convert post-click.

Discover new opportunities Bridging MarTech and AdTech

With AdLink’s ability to measure ongoing audience activity, you can discover what works and what doesn’t to create new opportunities, and inform better ad-targeting decisions during and after COVID.