Josh Randall

Josh Randall

SVP of Client Success

Focus: My teams are focused on the support and success of our clients through their entire life cycle at Kibo. Supporting our Order Management clients spans several areas across orders, fraud, chargebacks and Operations Support, and Technical Support across Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Implementation Support. I enjoy all aspects of Support from solving difficult technical and process problems, interacting with our clients, engaging with all the different areas of our products and Support team, and collaborating cross-functionally with the many other teams at Kibo (Product, Engineering, Services, Sales, Finance, etc.)

Experience: I’ve been with Kibo for just over 5 years. I started off managing Tier 2 Technical Support, and have had roles across Support, Engineering, and back to Support again.  I have had leadership roles in various Support teams for the past 17 years, and primarily in the semiconductor industry before I joined Kibo.

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